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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1332

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Hosamane says that he has planned to catch both Lalitanandamayi as well as Sukanya. His statement baffles everyone, who are gathered at his home.

Megha is sitting anxiously. She is brooding over Poorvi's arrest. Nandgudi, who is sitting in front of her, says that now it is not worthwhile to think only about Poorvi's safety. They should also think of saving their TV channel. Megha is Shocked....

Megha asks Nandgudi whom they should be afraid of. He says that Hosamane will try to trap her, when she is busy trying for Poorvi's release from the jail. Another guy, who is also working in their channel, says that they should hold many programmes on Poorvi, so that they can easily get her released. Megha agrees to do so, but Nandgudi expresses his doubt. She asks him to concentrate on the programmes. She says that she will manage all the hurdles created by Hosamane.

Kavita and Hosamane's men come to him and tell him that Income Tax officers have raided Sukanya's home and they have found lot of money. He suggests them not to touch the money. He says, "Send media people to her home. Let her struggle to answer them."

Media people attack Sukanya, who tries to answer them wisely. They intentionally question her in tempting way. She also replies in anger. Suddenly, they start shouting slogans against her. She is Shocked.........................

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