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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1351

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Ranganath calls Hosamane over phone and informs him that Subbaraya has come back again. He is shocked to hear the news. Ranganath begs his permission to kill him. But Hosamane disconnects the phone saying that he does not want to talk about such matter over phone. While Ranganath says that he will find a way out of it, Subbaraya overhears him and feels that his trick is working out well.

Doddaguni Shankar and Sargoor Sanjeevamurthy oppose Sukanya"s action to allow a girl like Jyothi Karnik to join their party. They try to argue her on this matter. But they are baffled when she reminds them of their background. She reveals her next move against Hosamane and how she is planning to finish him off. They seem to be convinced by her words.

Kavita Bailhongal says that they can file a criminal case against Byadarhalli Shivappa and get him arrested with the information that they have collected. Hosamane Sadananda asks her to do that work immediately. He further says that he does not want to let the people, who have troubled him in Kotashetty"s affair. He wants to trap them in a right way.

Megha reveals Sukanya about the amount of information Hosamane has collected from the press meet. She is baffled at the moment. She also talks about the witnesses that he has got against them. Sukanya suggests another work to her. On the other side, Hosamane talks to an editor of a daily news paper about the details he wants to be published in the news paper. He says that Sukanya and her team should be shocked to read the news.

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