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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1356

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Poorvi files a case with the police who have come to the printing press. While they ask her whether they have a doubt about any person who has set fire to the press, Shyamala stops Poorvi as not to reply. She says that she has given complaint and it is their duty to find the criminal. Police leave the place saying that they will conduct an investigation. Poorvi asks her why she stopped her. Telling about her farmer owner's channels, she says that it would have been difficult. Poorvi is baffled.

Ranganath calls over Hosamane while Kavita Bailhongal receives the call. He tells her about the Homa that is going on at the Ashram. He asks her to convey the matter to Hosamane and let him call him back. She demands him explanation for Homa. He declines to do so. She tells this to one of the main goons of Hosamane. He is scared and this makes her also be scared.

The police men come back to Poorvi with a criminal who has set fire to their printing press. Poorvi and Shyamala are shocked to see Jagga in criminal's place. While Shyamala starts scolding her hubby, the police men stop her and tell her that they will arrest him if she does not withdraw her complaint. Poorvi says that she will withdraw the complaint. After the police men leaving him, Shyamala asks him whether he has joined Hosamane's team again. He replies that he was ordered by Sukanya to do so. They are shocked. Poorvi says that she will teach a lesson to Sukanya.

While Sudhindra asks Subbaraya whether his efforts will give him good results, Pategara comes there and tells them that Ranganath seems to be very scared. Subbaraya assigns him few other jobs to do. Sudhindra asks him what will happen next. He replies him that he will know it when the right time comes. He is surprised.

Poorvi asks Sukanya why she has ordered Jagga to set fire to the printing press. She tells her opinion about what would have happened if the book is published. Poorvi says that her fear is not letting her work properly. She herself will type the biography in her computer and publish it. She says that she wants to see who will fire those books. Baffled Sukanya is dumbfounded and does not understand what to do.

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