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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1358

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Kavita Bailhongal tells Hosamane about the homa in the Ashram. He says that he will be finished off by Sukanya if he concentrates on the Ashram. Meanwhile, editor of daily news paper Karnataka Vijay comes to meet him. He says that his daughter's name is included in the Pub riot case. He requests him to save his public image. Hosamane agrees to help him. In turn, He asks him to help the person, who has commit the riot. He is baffled.

Hosamane asks the editor to write a story on the lose of Sukanya's virginity. He says that his work will be done if he does his work. Hosamane asks him to do his work if he can not do his work. He agrees and assures to meet him after two days. When he leaves Hosamane's home, Kavita reminds him of the Ashram issue. He again asserts that he will not look into any other affair until he finishes off Sukanya.

Seeing the things that Ranganath has brought for the homa, Subbaraya says that those things are not good. Ranganath requests him to postpone the homa. But he says that Kamakya Devi is coming that night. He warns him that he is very bad. If he does not do the work, he will have to face hardship. When Ranganath feels that he has failed to get his favour, he is shocked.

The editor of daily news paper Karnataka Vijay comes to Hosamane. He is very glad after knowing that his work is done. Giving an article to him, Hosamane says that it is his turn to do his work. Although he is shocked, he agrees to publish the article in his news paper and leaves his home. Kavita and Balu again reminds Hosamane of the Ashram affair. He reiterates that he will look into the Ashram affair, only after seeing the article in the news paper.

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