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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1359

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Sudhindra calls Kalyani over phone and tells her about his release and Subbaraya's 'homa' in the Ashram. She scolds him and disconnects the phone when he says that he will be released if he worships a particular god. Her mother and mother-in-law ask her who it was on the phone. She replies that it was her ignorant hubby and stupid father. Angry Lalita slaps her on face for scolding her father. She ask her not to underestimate the person, who has given her life. But she becomes speechless when Kalyani says that her father Subbaraya is a coward.

Subbaraya is busy doing 'homa' in the Ashram, while Pategara comes there running and tells him that Ranganath is absconding from the Ashram. Sudhindra says that it is the right time to run away. Telling him that there is no use in running away and Ranganath should send them out, Subbaraya sends him to bring water. He orders Pategara to stand at the door and inform him about the happening outside.

Sudhindra comes back with the filled water pot. He sees Ranganath holding gun in his hand and moving towards Subbaraya to kill him. Ranganath says that he wants to finish both of them. Angry Sudhindra hits on his head with the water pot. Ranganath shouts in pain. Subbaraya comes there in shock, while Pategara also comes there and is shocked to see dead Ranganath. Subbaraya says that so far Ranganath was annoying them. Now onwards his dead body will annoy them.

Ranganath's goons come there while Subbaray, Sudhindra and Pategara are thinking about the dead body of Ranganath. Seeing the goons all of them escape from the scene. Immediately, the goons call Hosamane over phone and informs him about Ranganath's murder. He promises them to catch Subbaraya and Sudhindra.

Kalyani and others are very happy to see Subbaray and Sudhindra coming back home. But they shock them with the news of Ranganath's murder. Subbaraya tells that police will chase them. Kalyani is shocked.....

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