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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1367

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Megha tells Hosamane that she has got all the witnesses of the murders that he has committed and he will be arrested on the following day. He is shocked. She further says that she will keep his bouquet in memory of Nikhil. Hosamane suddenly leaves the place after listening Nikhil's name.

Ramrao Nayak, Davangere and Kota Shetty are enjoying the feast on the occasion of Kavita's Wedding. Hosamane tells them that he is going to file his nomination on that day. They are surprised. When he gets ready to go to file his nomination with them, ACP comes to arrest him in connection with Nandita and Shyamala murder cases.

Hosamane's party men understand that he will not get bail. So they think of switching over to another party. Media men attack Hosamane outside his home. Meanwhile, Megha comes there with a bouquet and wishes him. Angry Hosamane vacates the place without replying anyone. ACP tells megha that Subbaraya and Sudhindra are released from the jail.

Sudhindra and Subbarya come back to home. Lalita and Kalyani are very happy at their release. Sudhindra comes to know that Kalyani is looking after Fatima and her baby. He says that he will work in Kalyani's factory and stay happily with her.

Poorvi is very happy after knowing about Hosamane's arrest. Sukanya finds her happiness in Poorvi's smiling face. Poorvi says that the life long imprisonment is not enough for Hosamane and he should be hanged. Shocked Sukanya advises her not to wish death to the person, who has given her birth. Poorvi is shocked to know this big truth of her life.

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