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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1368

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Sukanya advises Poorvi not to wish death to the person, who has given her birth. Poorvi is surprised. She confirms her that Hosamane Sadananda is her father and she has been cheated by him. She says that now she wants him to suffer in the jail and his repentance may make him a human being. Poorvi says that she wants meet her father. She is shocked.

The jailer gives white clothes to Hosamane to wear in the jail. Hosamane turns mad and he starts shouting that he wants to die. The jailer says that Sukanya, who has now become the chief minister, has come to see him. Now he agrees to wear white clothes.

Sukanya sees Hosamane coming to visitors" room in white clothes and she feels very bad. He sits silently in the room, but she tries to talk to him. She reminds him a song, which he had sung when they both first met each other. He madly sings a few lines of the song. Poorvi is shocked and at the same time she feels pity for him.

Hosamane is embarrassed to know that Poorvi is his daughter. She says that he has killed so many people for her. She asks why his words are stopped. He says that Sukanya has done a good job by keeping the matter secret. He tries madly to kill himself. Everyone is baffled to see his situation.

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