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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1369

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Hosamane is embarrassed to know that Poorvi is his daughter. He says that Sukanya has done a good job by keeping the matter secret. He turns mad and tries to kill himself. Everyone is baffled to see his situation.

Poorvi comes back home with heavy heart. Megha calls her over phone and inquires about her trip with Sukanya. In reply, she narrates her meeting with Hosamane Sadananda in Jail. Megha is baffled when Poorvi says that he is her father. Poorvi talks about the pain that she is experiencing. Megha asks her to come down to her father's (Mithra's) home to know another mystery.

Poorvi is surprised to see Prabudeva in Mithra's home. Megha and Kalyani say that Anjali has brought in Prabhu in that home. Anjali says that her father's third wife has cheated upon him and now he has become a child. She assures to look him after. Meanwhile, Ansuya tells them that Mithra has gone to see his friend. She gives a cover that he has asked her to give it them. Everyone is baffled to see the CD in the cover. They put the CD in a player to watch it.

Mithra addresses them through the CD. He says that they are all like birds grown up by him. He narrates how they have turned into four cords of a musical instrument and become a beautiful song. He continues and says that his birds are grown up now and they are no longer in need of his help. So he is going in search of new birds. He suggests them not to search for him. Finally, he wishes them good luck. Reminding them of their responsibilities, he disappears from the scene.

Megha, Poorvi, Anjali and Kalyani become speechless. While Kalyani broods over Mithra's disappearance, the rest leave for their work. Thus the Mega TV serial ends with a sad note.

Director B Suresh's words: “I thank all the audiences, who have watched the serial and encouraged us for the past six years. Our Naaku Thanthi team will once again appear on your TV screen with a new story soon.

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