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Why Kannada film industry is brimming with remakes?

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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These days, Kannada film industry is becoming remake film industry. Out of 100 movies, 75 Kannada movies will be remakes. Hardly very few movies are successful at the box office. Latest successful movie is Srinagar Kitty's movie Savaari.

Even though there many great Kannada writers, why are remakes getting more important? What is your opinion about remakes?
Making an original movie is a very difficult job. First of all, a writer needs at least three months to write a story. After that, it needs an able director, actors and moreover it needs a passionate producer to invest money on the movie. Organizing all these things is very tough task. But remaking is damn easy. Here, no special qualification is required. Seeing the original anyone can direct the movie or anyone can act in the movie moreover, the producer will not have fear of losing his money.

Will they really enrich the industry? If they enrich why is the industry suffering. Or will they spoil the industry? If so, is there no way to get the industry out of it?
One good thing about remakes is that the number of movies per year is going up. This is a healthy development. Meanwhile, quality of the movies is drastically going down of the movies is going down and this has posed threat.

Would like to take any serious step to stop this remaking trend?
As an actor, I can"t stop this trend fully, because producer is main person, who can really stop this. Secondly, directors can also help in this regard. But this is not going to happen. All producers, directors and even actors are all after money. Everyone wants to earn large amount of money in short time.

How far reviews and other articles and TV shows published by various forms of media would affect the success or failure of a movie?

There are many factors that will affect the success or failure of a movie. First of all, response of the day would be more important. It should entertain the audiences. After this, media response is like a bonus. Yes, I should agree that media has its share in the success and failure of a movie. Every form of media has its own reach.

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