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Chaitanya has a good script for Suryakaanti: Chetan

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Actor Chetan Kumar, who entered Kannada films with the movie Aa Dinagalu, is graduated in acting in US. After getting scholarship from Yale University, he came to India for his research work in South India movies. His first movie Aa Dinagalu was a big hit movie, but his second movie Birugaali did not reach his expectation. Although he had many offers in Kannada, he did not sign any other project in order to concentrate on his third movie Suryakaanti, which is set to release tomorrow (14th January).

The Kannada actor spoke to Oneindia.in on this occasion. He shared his experience on the sets of Suryakaanti. Here are the excerpts of actor Chetan Kumar's interview.

What is the movie Suryakaanti all about?
Suryakaanti is a commercial movie with all ingredients like fight, comedy, love story, family sentiments. The theme of the movie is about a transformation that takes place in the life of a 'Supari Killer', when he is put in healthy atmosphere, where family sentiments and other human values exist.

What is the story of the movie?
An international killer sets out from Uzbekistan on a mission in Bangalore. Following his network, he visits Belgaum, Goa, Karwar and Bangalore. Meanwhile, he comes across a girl and falls in love with her. A kind of change takes place in him when he feels the family sentiments. His falls in a confusion about whether to follow his work or follow his heart. This internal turmoil will form the climax of the movies.

There are many movies made on the subject of a killer in Kannada. It is rumoured that the movie Suryakaanti is a rehash of those movies. What would you like to say about?
First of all the script is original, which has been written by famous writer like KY Narayana Swamy. The movie is neither based on any other book nor rehash of any movie. The concept of the movie may be same, but the treatment of subject is totally different. The narration and scenarios are original.

Will this movie serve a message to youths?
Suryakaanthi is not a preachy kind of movies, but every sequence has a message to youths.

How was your shooting experience in Uzbekistan?
We faced lots of problems. Mainly language and food were our biggest challenges over there. People in Uzbekistan didn't know English. They knew only Uzbek and Russian, which we did not know. But they understood our feelings through our gestures. Food was our another problem over there. People in Uzbekistan have bland and heavy food whereas we use lot of spicy and light food. Since many of us had carried some food, we managed with it. However, people were very nice and cooperative. They accommodated us in every possible way.

How was your experience with KM Chaitanya with whom you are working for the second time?
Chaitanya is a very talented director. Before going to start a movie, he understands it's script and its requirement clearly. He has chosen a good script for the movie Suryakaanti. His narration of the story is excellent in the movie. He has managed to include all the commercial ingredients. I'm very pleased to work with him again.

What is your opinion about newcomer Regina?
Regina is a fresh face in Kannada film and this is her first movie in Kannada. But she has already acted in two Tamil movies. Moreover, Chaitanya knows very well how to tap out the acting skills of an actor. She did not face much difficulty on the sets.

How is the audience response for the music of Suryakaanti?
We have received good response from the audience. Ilayaraja, whose music for Aa Dinagalu had rocked the listeners, has composed music for this movies again. There are six songs and most of them are patho songs, which suit the movie very well. One of the songs has been composed in the Broadway style.

What is the symbolism behind the title Suryakaanti?
The title of the movie can be interpreted differently. Firstly, the title is based on the names of hero and hero, whose names are Surya and Kaanti. Secondly, Suryakaanti, which means sunflower, is closely connected to the life of people in Karnataka. Especially in Belagum, the people are associated it. Thirdly, Suryakaanti is very catchy title and has positive energy.

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