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Endhiran is similar to Hollywood, not remake

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Tamil movie Endhiran, which has got rave reviews from the critics across the globe, is not a remake of Superstar Upendra's Kannada movie Hollywood. Earlier, it was rumoured that it was a remake of Kannada film. Although it is claimed that Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Bachchan starrer film is totally an original creation of acclaimed director Shankar, one can not deny the fact that there are some of the striking similarities between both the films. The following are some of the similarities and differences between the two film.

In Hollywood, Upendra played three roles i.e. two human beings and a robot, whereas in Endhiran, Rajini appears in two get ups like scientist and an android. A monkey plays a pivotal role in Hollywood and it understands secrets and ulterior motives of human beings and conveys the information to the android. Where as a mosquito plays the same role in Rajini's movie do the same job as monkey does in Hollywood.

The robots in both films are created to serve two different purpose of man. In Hollywood, Surendra (Upendra) is in love with Manisha (Felicity Mason), but he is very shy and timid, who hesitates to express his love to her. In order to impress her, he seeks the help of his maverick scientist professor (Ananth Nag), who creates his look-alike robot. Whereas in Endhiran, Vaseekaran (Rajinikanth) himself is a scientist. Ignoring his ladylove Sana (Aishwarya Bachchan), he struggles for five years to create a humanoid robot, which can be used in Indian Army to serve the society.

Humanoid robot in both movies have several qualities. They could understand the commands orally and could act accordingly like any other human being. They could dance, fight, understand several languages and have good memory. But Robot in Endhiran has tremendous qualities and is more powerful than the one in the Hollywood.

In Hollywood, the scientist gives Surendra"s clone to robot to boost its the ability to think and act like humans in order to attract Manisha emotionally. He bestows the clone to the robot named US 47 with human discretion and emotion. In Endhiran, Vasee also upgrades the robot named Chitti by incorporating the emotions like anger, sorrow, love, kiss to the robot after his professor (Danny Denzongpa) refuses permission, as the robot does not have any emotions and it could even kill his own army officers.

Using his android strength and human intelligence, the robot US 47 in Hollywood proves to be formidable enemy to its own creator and his followers. The robot develops love for Manisha and it goes out independently operating the programmes on its own and it turns dangerous to human society. In Endhiran, Vasee destroys the robot and dumps in the dust bin, when it acts against his will. Chitti resurrects from garbage and causes several destruction. Finally, the robot sacrifices its life for Surendra whereas in Vasee dismantles Chitti and puts it in showcase when it turns dangerous to society.

However, both Endhiran and Hollywood are science-fiction film. But one can not stop bending low before the kind of technology used in Endhiran. The graphic works used in Endhiran are of the range of Hollywood film industry. The robot in this film is a Superman + Spiderman + Terminator + Godzilla. It is more powerful than all these beings. It can glide on the railway tracks, run horizontally on a moving train, transform into an Anaconda, can swallow helicopters and even fire at people with his fingers, without using a pistol.

Finally, it can be said that despite having similar qualities, Endhiran is not a remake of Kannada movie Hollywood. The film has different theme, story and characters. Moreover, it has sound technology, which is used in Hollywood films. Hats up too Shankar and Rajinikanth for making such a brilliant movie and making South Indians proud at national and international level.

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