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Yogaraj creates magic on screen: Nidhi Subbaiah

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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After the movie Krishna Nee Letaagi Baaro, actress Nidhi Subbaiah is ready to rock the audience with her latest movie Pancharangi, which has been directed by Yogaraj Bhat. The Kannada babe is playing a naughty girl and actor Diganth appears as her hero. The film is set to release on September 03 and the Nidhi is busy promoting the film. The actress spoke to Oneindia.in about Pancharangi and her other films. Here are the excerpts of Nidhi Subbaiah interview.

How did you come into film industry?
I started out my career as a model. Later, I did glam shows and a couple of TV ads too. I got lot of recognition from them and started getting chances in movies. So I signed a couple of good movies. Thus I got into films.

How did you feel when Yogaraj Bhat expressed his desire to rope in you for Pancharangi? How was you working experience with him?
When I got an offer from Yogaraj sir. I felt really great. I felt like I was in the heaven. I felt that this movie is going to be great in my career. Now I 'm a part of this great team of Pancharangi and that's it. As for the shooting of the movie with Yogaraj sir is concerned, it was really fun to work with him. He's a creative, genius, intellectual director. He is not a filmmaker, but a magician. He doesn't make movies, but creates magic on screen. Moreover, he is very chilled out and quite friendly on the sets. He guided me really well during the shooting. I never felt like I'm working with a director, but a friend of mine. I'm really fortunate to work with him.

What role are you playing in Pancharangi? Do you have enough scope in the movie to get you a big break?
Firstly, let me tell you that my role has got full scope right from the beginning to end. I'm playing a naughty and prankster kind of a girl. She is more like what I'm in real life. She is very bindas and fun loving girl. I'm sure that this role will give me a big break in Kannada films.

How was shooting experience with Diganth and Priyanka Upendra?
Priyanka was there on the sets just for two days. She was there for the shooting of a song. But she is very sweet and friendly. Diganth is also good and very sweet person whom I've never met earlier. I've worked with the actors who were quite older than me. Since Diganth was just three years older than me, there was much friendliness between us. He is really very friendly. I never felt like working with an actor, but chatting with a friend.

What would you like to say about your onscreen chemistry with Diganth?
It's very cute. Actually, the movie bosses wanted it something else. But our onscreen chemistry has come out really cute and sweet. You will enjoy it well onscreen.

It is reported that you had a very tough time shooting the song 'Udisuve. What do you say about it?
Not at all tough. Infact it is the best concept that I've never shot before. I enjoyed shooting the song a lot. The whole team went crazy on the shooting sets. It is really amazing song and it will remain as my dream come true sequence. I would like to thank Mayuri for getting such beautiful concept.

What do you say about the music of the film and its shooting locations?
When it comes to music in Sandalwood, Mano Murthy is a genius. He has scored a little different music for the film Pancharangi. Most of the songs are romantic and melodious. They've already gone very popular in just a week's time. Everyone is humming these songs. Especially, I see several guys singing them and teasing me in my locality. As for as shooting is concerned, the movie has been shot in coastal areas of Karnataka. It was really very hot and weather was 43º. Initially, it was very hard to adjust with it. But we had a crazy team and we were having lot of fun during shooting. We used to pull down each others leg. It was really fun, which made us forget the heat of the beach.

What would you like to say about the promotion of Pancharangi?
Initially, I could not make it to the publicity works for a couple of days because I was busy shooting for my another movie. Now I'm back with the team. It's really fun that we are visiting different TV channels and interacting with the audience.

What is your take on story and dialogues of the movie?
It's a beautiful love story. It's very humourous, but it has lot of philosophy, which you will enjoy on screen. For example: the song 'Life Istene...' appears to be quite comical, but it has lot philosophical stuff in it. It teaches you the meaning of the life. As for dialogue, Yogaraj sir's movies are known for his dialogues. He himself writes the dialogues for his films and he's a genius in it.

Recently, you have signed another movie called Veera Bahu. What role are you playing in it? What about its shooting?
I'm playing a beautiful and loving girl in Veera Bahu. She's very traditional Iyangari girl. I've already completed the shooting the film except the shooting of a few song sequences.

It was reported that Haripriya and Ragini Dwivedi were roped in for Pancharangi and Veera Bahu respectively, but you have replaced them in both the films. What do you say about it?
Actually, I don't know about it. All I know is I'm the heroine of both the films and I haven't replaced anyone in these films. I really don't want want to comment on such rumours.

Who is your favourite hero in Kannada with whom you would like to act in future?
After meeting Diganth, I've become a big fan of him. He's really wonderful actor. I would like to act with him in more number movies in future. Besides him, I really love to act with Puneet Rajkumar, Sudeep, Darshan and Vijay.

How do you take care of your butt and beauty?
Actually, I wasn't born fat. So I think I really don't need to take care of it. I eat everything and anything. But I do take care of it. I do jogging and walking thrice a week. I don't like going to gym.

Once you had told in an interview that you were receiving many calls from Mumbai to attend the auditions. Do you have any plans to act in Bollywood movie?
Yah! But I didn't take them seriously because I was very serious about my career in Sandalwood. If I get good and meaning roles I would act not only in Bollywood, but also in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English and French. But I don't like to go hunting for offers.

What kind of roles you want to play in future?
I don't have any particular role to play. As I said, I would play any kind of role if they are good and meaning roles.

You have already acted in movies like Krishna Nee Lataagi Baro, Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi and Abhimaani. Do you think that they have got you essential break?
Yah! Of course! They've got me good recognition. Several actresses from different language and get clicked in Kannada. I'm Kannadiga and can dub myself. These movies really gave me a platform to show my skills. They got me several other offers too.

Do you think that Pancharangi will give you big break compared to these movies? Why?
I really don't think about it much. But I'm getting more confidence about getting a big break from it because people are talking about the movie and many are asking me this question. So I feel it would be a great movie in my career.

What are your upcoming movies?
Currently, I'm busy with Duniya Vijay starrer Veera Bahu. I'm getting several other offers, but I haven't signed any film yet. I'm waiting for the release of Pancharangi first.

What is your opinion about the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook?
These site are good and they bring people closer. I've accounts on both Twitter and Facebook. I often post pictures of my films. And I also chat with my fans.

What is your message to your fans?

Please go to theatre and watch the film. Then tell me what you like about the movie and my role and what you didn't like. I would like to update myself according to your wish in my next films.

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