NNK is about father-daughter relationship: Prakash Raj

    By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

    People go behind the success, but very rarely we see a person, who is chased by success. Here is a person, who established himself as a south Indian star with Kannada roots. He started his career as a theatre artiste and went on to become a star. People of Karnataka still recall a decade back television serial Guddadha Bhootha, which was telecasted on Doordarshan. Who will forget Girish Karnad's screen adaptation of Nagamandala, which eventually bagged him a state award.

    By this time, you would have guessed it about whom we're talking about. Yes! It is none other than Prakash Rai a.k.a Prakash Raj. The versatile actor's directional debut Naanu Nanna Kanasu (NNK) is hitting the silver screens in less than 72 hours. The movie is a remake of Abhiyum Naanum, in which the star has himself played the lead role. In a conversation with Oneindia, the actor spoke about his debut directional outing, reading books and more. Here are the excerpts of Prakash Rai interview.

    What is the movie Naanu Nanna Kanasu all about?
    Naanu Nanna Kanasu revolves around a caring father and his beloved daughter. It's about father-daughter relationship. Father, who shows unconditional love and possessiveness, which leads to suffocating atmosphere. I've tried to explain this through the film as how a father gets matured year after year. Surely, it happens with every parents and audience would feel it.

    Do you want to give any message to all fathers through NNK?
    All I can say is let you children grow, let them enjoy their life. I want every father to compare themselves with the one in the film and I would expect them to remember how they were at that age.

    How was your debut directional experience after nearly 30 years career as an actor?
    It was amazing and directing a film was my long-standing dream. I wanted my first directional to be very special and this story has really touched my heart.

    How was the experience working with Amoolya? Was she nervous?
    See, I had spoken to every actor that nervousness won't help the work. To give our best performances, we should come out from the nervousness. She is a very sweet girl. She is a directors' actor and it is really easy to handle her.

    We' have heard that you used to sing in your early days, have you taken the mike in the film?
    No, i haven't sung any song in the film. I used to sing when I was acting in theatre industry. Everyone, who's involved in theaters, used to sing without any option in those days.

    In your previous interview to private TV channel you had said that you read a lot. Who is your favorite author?
    I'm not particular about any author but it goes upon my mood. I read anything, which is good and interesting. I feel that every human should read to connect himself with reality. Reading enriches life.

    You have experience in all the four South Indian film industries and also have worked in Bollywood. So do you see any difference between Sandalwood and other film industries?
    Basically, every industry is same. I don't see any difference, It all boils down to how you work. As long as you serve quality films the difference between the industries never arises.

    Movies like Avatar are being dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. Where as in Karnataka, Kannadiga's are forced to see in the original language itself. What is your take on dubbing?
    First of all, I want to make it clear to you that I don't like dubbing. It is against the culture. Filmmakers makes the film on some certain boundaries, which would suit the nativity. If we dub the same a viewer might miss the plot. In my opinion remake is better.

    Don't you feel like a guest in your own place?
    I am a guest to this world. Thats all I can say.

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