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Upendra's Super movie review and audience response

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Upendra-Nayantara starrer Kannada movie Super has got rave reviews from almost all the critics. Most of the time, the results will be vice versa. If critics express good opinion about a movie, audience reject it. When reviewers critises a movie, it will be received warmly by the film-goers. But in the case of Super, it is totally different. Both critics and viewers are happy with the movie.

More than 35,000 people have read the Super movie review published on Oneindia.in and thousands of them have expressed their opinion about the film in the comment box. Some are excited about the talent of director Upendra. Some others like his vision about Karnataka. A few are worried about his political entry and they request him not to join politics.

The following are some of the unique comments written after reading the Super review on Oneindia:

Karthik writes: Super is a movie that every responsible citizen should watch and appreciate the facts shown very boldly in it. If there is a director with the capacity of giving you a message while entertaining you thoroughly it is only Uppi.

Raghu: Really good movie as it shows both the problem and also the rectification to be done by each individual inclusive of Chief minister. Uppi had shown his responsibility as a citizen rather than thinking of making commercial movie and make money. Uppi dada great attempt. All the very best for your future projects.

Sudhir: What a movie sir! No words to describe you. You are greatest of greatest minds. Please keep giving such movies all time and we are sure you will. Congrats and good luck.

Sumanth Joel: He's our own Christopher Nolan!

Pradyumna: Uppi is at par with Hollywood directors in creativity

Arun: Quentin Tarantino of Kannada Movies.............

Manoj: Similar to H20, where women is compared to Cauvery. Here Indira (Nayantara) is compared to India, where she is ruled, abused, etc. Truly is 'Kayee... Kayee... Uppini kayee..'. Too Sour to taste, but impossible to resist....:-)

Kumara Rama: Uppi rocks in the film and shocks political circle

Ranju: Gals to shed their per-conceived thoughts about Uppi and watch this film. Go and watch how he has portrayed Nayantara...

Gangadhar: SUPER!! What a movie! What a direction! What an acting! Really wonderful! He sealed the position after Shankar Nag for the category of actor cum director.

Prathap HP: 1st day first show in Sagar. I bet there is no other director/creator in Indian cinema like Upendra. In the beginning, Uppi has shown us how our culture has to be that was really fantastic to see (history repeats). Super movie for all Indians, especially for the people of Karnataka. None of the people expected this subject its just rocking... everything is different here with extraordinary work done. Moreover people should not only enjoy this movie as entertainment but try to change...

Uppi: I love India & Indira.... Sikkapatte ista patte.... I like it... Chaddi brothers.. ... Super is superoo superuuu ranga.....Indian babes like erected hairs........ I don't leave it is Indian na and Indira na.... Celina, Malina, Madona, Safina, OK na..... I love India ...I love Indira

Sagar: The movie is really good for me because I am very patriotic. At least I learnt lessons about our rich culture and how India can become a superpower not to mention our dirty politics. How helpless our Indians are. Thanks

Pratap: The movie is awesome!!! Those don't know about Kannadigas. Here is a message for you all. Uppi Rockzzzz as actor and director no comments. Super is super !!! NOTE : Uppi doesn't want Oscar. He wants Clean and Neat India especially namma Kannada nadu. That's Uppi and thats real patriotism !!!

Manjunath: The movie has proved that the power of real star is not restricted only to Bangalore. You can see the celebrations being carried out by his fans across the state starting from Bidar to Mysore and from Belagavi to Bellary which shows a great transition in Kannada film industry and Kannadigas. Let keep this spirit going on and on.

Sanjeev: Dear friends it is really a wonderful movie, which has not only entertainment, but also a message for everyone of us to correct our corrupted political system and build a beautiful tomorrow, which is a need of the hour. So my suggestion is go watch it.

Vishwanath Mangalore: The film is really SUPER. I liked all the characters in the movie. I had been to the film with my wife for the morning show in Big Cinemas, but we didn't get the ticket so waited for the second show. I am really happy that people like U & ME will really change after watching this movie. The future of India and Karnataka is in our hands ( SATT PRAJEGALLU) as rightly told by Mr Upendra.

Punit: Movie is awesome Uppi has shown future Karanataka. Hats off Uppi. Plz don't join politics. U will spoil ur career plz don't join.

Movie is great, But Uppi please dont join politics...

Suninan: Sir its my request nivu yavathu nivene I mean nam Uppi hige idre innu super so plz politics hogbeda.

Pradeep: Sir, kesrali kal itre kalela kesraguthe politics ano kesru mele kal idbedi. If u really want to make revolution or help people there are different ways. Please think over it sir.

Sir movie tumba chennagide. I heard a gossip that u r gonna enter politics. Sir please don't go to politics. Don't misunderstand

Dr Vinuth: Uppi sir I'm a big fan of u. Hats off to ur new movie really awesome. I have watched all ur movies till date without a miss. Welcome back to ur direction n hope u will act n direct ur future projects too. Sir my humble request don't go to politics now only as u have a lot to offer in film industry.

Keshav: Enree Kannada industry yavru UK, US nalli release maadthini antha helthare. Uppi nijvaaglu dum edre hyderabad nalli movie release maadli Kannada verion naa.. Jackie release maadthini antha heli maadlilla. Yenree ella sullu janaa.

Madhu: Uppi anna please release in it Gujrat. We are dying to watch this movie.

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