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I am a staunch believer of mouth publicity: Upendra

By: By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Upendra does not need any introduction. The director-turned-actor is making his directorial comeback after 10 long years with Super. Like his previous movies, Super has also created lot of hype in the Kannada film industry. The audience have been eagerly waiting for the film, from the day he announced his comeback. It also features South Indian most sought actor Nayantara and it is all set to release tomorrow.

The multi-facet actor is busy promoting his movie Super. He spoke to Oneindia.in about the film, experience and many more. Here are the excerpts of Upendra"s interview.

Let us start-off with movie cast. Other than Nayantara, Tulip Joshi and Sadhu Kokila, you have not revealed other casts of the film. Tell us about the actors, who are acting in the film.
For the first time, my parents have acted in my film. Kadhaldhanda Pani, Rockline Venkatesh, Shwetha, Ramesh Pandit and many others feature in the film.

You have roped in one of the highly paid actresses of South India. How was it working with Nayantara?
Nayan is a very nice girl and truly a professional. She is very supportive and committed, when it comes to work.

You are wearing the director's cap after a decade. How was the experience?
Frankly speaking, I am feeling like a debutant. My experience was something similar to a newcomer, who is directing a movie for the first time.

Before you took a break, you were considered as one of the top directors of Sandalwood. Are you confident of regaining that position again?
First of all, I do not believe in numbers or top positions. I have put my best efforts to this film. Like everyone, I have made a film in my style. Now, it is up to the viewers, who decide the fate of the film.

How has Upendra grown in filmmaking since 10 years?
(Laughs) How can you expect me to answer this question? It is not possible for me to say that I have not grown nor I cannot declare I have grown this much. I will only come to know from the audience and critics. You people have to tell me after watching the film.

Could you please tell us about Super"s birth? When was it born?
The concept came to my mind one and half years ago. Slowly it got a shape. But I do not remember anything other than that.

In a nutshell, could you tell us about musician Harikrishna.
He is an amazing character. Hari is very unsatisfied person and always thinks about doing the things in better way. It was really a good experience for both of us.

In your earlier films like A and Upendra, you have interpreted the life and love in your own way and shown some hardcore realities. Can we expect something of that sort this time as well?
Will you come to theatre if I make same kind of movies? (Laughs) It depends on the script. Every subject has its own needs and I have always tried to justify the needs. I think even in the film, I have done whatever the subject demanded. Moreover, every director has his own style. Whatever we do, still you can make out some elements that every filmmakers use in their films.

Comparatively, Kannada is still lagging behind Tamil and Telugu film industry when it comes to movie promotions on the internet. Here, filmmakers are considering only mainstream media and they are not giving importance to internet media. What is your take on the issue?
Yes, I think you are right. It is a slow process and it takes some time for our filmmakers to realize the value of new age media. However, we cannot blame movie bosses as they have many other issues in Sandalwood like getting theatres, releasing on time etc.

In the recent years, internet has played a major role in the movie promotions through social networking sites. How far your movie has gone in publicizing the movie?
We are promoting the movie in best possible way. However, I am a staunch believer of mouth publicity. Audience should speak and it happens only after the movie release.

In how many theatres is the movie releasing? When will the Telugu and Tamil versions of the film be released?
The movie is releasing in more than 100 theatres. Telugu and Tamil versions will hit the screens in mid-December.

Why are Telugu and Tamil versions being delayed and do you have plans to release abroad?
It is difficult to release all the versions of the movie at one go. Presently, we are concentrating only on Karnataka. Yes, we will release the film in other countries as well.

Will Uppi direct regularly after Super or will he opt for a long break again?
It is not in my hands. It all depends on the audience feedback and blessings. Right now, I am not thinking too much on post Super happenings.

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