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Madan Patel says he won't stop Santhyananda

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Director-cum-producer Madan Patel and hero Ravi Chethan, who have set out on doing a movie on Paramahamsa Swami Nithyanada, have received a legal notice from the lawyers of the Swami. In the notice, Nithya's advocates have warned to stop the production of the movie title Sathyananda. But Madan Patel has insisted that he will not be bogged down by any threat and stop the film.

It was reported that Madan Patel was getting death threats ever since he announced to do a movie based on Nithyananda. The movie is made with a tagline: "A true story of Nithyananda". Irked by this development, Swami's attorneys from Hyderabad, B Krishnakumar, K Srinivasa Chari, M Pramila and D Yashoda have issued a legal notice to the producer to stop the movie.

In the Notice, the lawyers have claimed that Madan Patel is set to defame the image of Nithyananda by using the look alike of the Swamiji, Ravi Chetan. And this is the violation of movie act, which can be subjected to serious legal prosecution under the defamation act. The notice is a warning to the producer to drop the project.

But Madan Patel, who is a Hindu activist as well as a candidate from BJP party, has refused to shelve his project Sathyananda. Talking about the notice, Madan said, "I have received a notice from the lawyers of Nithyananda to stop the film Sathyananda. I remember a saying in Kannada - "Kumbalkai kalla andre hegalyake mutti Nodokteeri." He thinks that we are doing a movie on him after seeing his look alike hero or or his costume. But he needs to watch all the scenes after the movie is completed. Then can decide whether it is based on him or not."

The producers added, "As a director or producer, I have individual freedom. But he is suspecting the kind of costume or character that we are using in the movie Sathyananda. I think Nithyananda must be really involved in the dirty acts like sex scandal with actresses or cheating common man. That's why he is feeling guilty and objecting me doing a film. But I won't be bogged down by such threats. I will continue my efforts."

It should recalled here that Madan Patel has reportedly been granted to use the title Sathya + Ananda, but the producer is allegedly using Sathyananda as the title for his movie. Now, it should be seen whether KFCC will take any action against him. However, the lawyers of Madan have already sent reply notice to Swami Nithyananda. Now, it should be seen what will be the next step of Nithyananda, if he does not stop the production of movie.

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