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Neglected spark burning Kannada film industry

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The fight between Golden girl Ramya and producer A Ganesh is finding new twist day by day. Now, Kannada actress has been banned from the film industry for one year after she returned Rs. 4.00 lakhs and demanded the producer to give her money in person. But it is no longer a fight of theirs. It has become prestige issue for both Kannada actors and producers. Their row has created ripples in the silent waters of Kannada films.

Now, the questions that arise in the minds of everyone are: Is their issue really a big deal for the Kannada film industry? If it is not, why was it not solved by the KFCC at the gross root level? Was it really big challenge for Ramya to get back the money from Ganesh? Why did she not approach the Kannada Cine Artistes Association (KCAA), when the KFCC did not consider her plea?

It may be difficult to answer all these question, but the solution to this problem could have been easier if Ramya had woken up at the right time. Earlier last week, she posted on Twitter page that she had approached the KFCC when she did not get response from A Ganesh. She filed a case against him at the KFCC, which did not look into it. So she skipped the audio release function of Dhandam Dhashagunam and She preferred to go for shopping.

Firstly, Ganesh should be held responsible for this problem because he did not attend the calls of Ramya for six months. Secondly, Ramya should have attended the event and she should have resorted to another means to recover her money from the producer. Moreover, KFCC should have taken necessary action against the producers when the actress had requested it to help her in getting her money. So the KFCC is also equally responsible for the controversy.

Now, the KCAA has taken this challenge as its prestige issue and fighting against the producers. The question is why did Ramya not approach KCAA, when her plea at KFCC did not get respect? The President of KCAA, Ambareesh is not only solving the problems of artiste, but he is also playing a predominant role in solving the problems of all sections of Kannada film industry. So he could have found a solution to her problem if she has contacted him in time.

However, a huge gulf has now been created between the producers and actors by this row. There is a saying: “Neglected spark burns the house". Likewise, a small issue was neglected in the past(by Ramya, Ganesh and KFCC) and has become a big threat to the industry today. It is burning the film industry. Now, it is time for senior people in the industry to take some necessary step. Otherwise, the issue may destroy the legacy of Sandalwood that has been the result of hard work of hundreds of people for 77 years.

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