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Godfather Music Review: An AR Rahman musical

By: By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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When K Manju announced that he roped in Oscar Award winner AR Rahman to compose the music for Godfather, people hardly believed in Sandalwood because making fake claims have become a trend to gain publicity in film industry. The constant delay in the audio release did not help the cause and made many speculate that Manju too had lied. However, last week, he put an end to all those doubts, as Rahman himself launched the audio in Bengaluru. Well, the Mozart of Music has scored two fresh tunes and recomposed five tunes from his earlier film for the upcoming Kannada film. Read on for the music review...

Aalapane Mellane
Singer(s) Abhaya Jodhpurkar, Maria Roshini Vincent, Blaaze
Lyrics: K Kalyan
The album begins with the first track 'Aalapane mellane...' The number starts on a slow note with Abhaya Jodhpurkar starting the proceedings. But the song gains pace after one minute. It is kind of a preachy soundtrack and one has to hear quite a few times before it sticks on your lips.

Sanchari Manasu
Singer(s) Nivas, Shwetha Mohan

Lyrics: K Kalyan
'Sanchari Manasu...' is a fast track crooned by Nivas and Shwetha Mohan for which K Kalyan has penned the lyrics. Shwetha's voice evokes interest in the minds of audience. It is an average song, which might become hit among mass audience.

Laali Laali Amma
Singer(s) Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: K Kalyan

The album gets interesting with the arrival of this track on your music systems. Naresh Iyer has come behind the mike for the track on mother. The use of ghatam (earthen pot), well-written lines and wonderful voice of the singer make it a worth track to listen.

Sarigama Sangama
Singer(s) Shwetha Mohan, Megha
Lyrics: K Kalyan

It a classical track (something that reminds us of 'Ra ra...' from Aaphtamitra) sung by Shwetha Mohan and Megha. It is a welcome change for the listeners, who are used to party and mass songs. K Kalyan has written interesting lines, which can only impress the audience with musical background.

Singer(s) Sonu Kakkar, Apoorva, Swetha Majethiya, Abhaya Jodhpur, Arun Haridas Kamath
Lyrics: K Kalyan

'Deepavali...' is purely a situational song sung by Sonu Kakkar, Apoorva, Swetha Majethiya, Abhaya Jodhpur and Arun Haridas Kamath. The voices of the singers and the musical beats blend well with the lines. It would have a different appeal when seen with visuals.

Nannede Shruthiyalli
Singers: Vijaya Prakash and Chinmai
Lyrics: Devappa Hassan

Here comes yet another track with the classical appeal. It is rich in percussions and Vijaya Prakash and Chinmai's voices give a soothing experience to the listeners. However, somewhere in the second minute, the track takes deviation from the main route and gets 'Annaman' beats, but immediately joins the main proceedings in the next minute.

Neene Ee Kanna
Singers: Abhaya Jodhpurkar and Chinmai
Lyrics: Kaviraj

The triumph card is out in the form of 'Neena ee kanna...' sung by Chinmai and Abhya Jodhpurkar. It takes to the era of 'Kehna hi kya...' from Bollywood film Bombay or 'Yaava mohana murali...' from Kannada film America America. Chinmai's voice is pleasing to ears and Abhaya does good job as a supporting singer. Kaviraj's lyrics are good.

Verdict: AR Rahman has given a good album, which might not go well with the masses. Especially, for those who are used to the Bhat and Harikrishna's kind of music, the album might just appear to be a dud, as the strength of the album is classical or slow songs. In fact, it has gone against the current trend. However, 'Sarigama Sangama...', 'Nannede shruthiyalli...' and 'Neene ee kanna...' are our picks.

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