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Bigg Boss: Day 35-36 Highlights

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In what could be a surprising move, the Bigg Boss has nominated all the inmates of the house for the forthcoming elimination. While Nurse Jayalakshmi and Aparna got maximum votes from the contestants, the boss chose a different route as nobody in the house is following the rules. Only Thilak and Vijay Raghavendra know that all the contestants are in the danger zone.

The responsibilities of making all the contestants to follow the rules, a special task, was given to Thilak by the Bigg Boss, who also told him that he could share it with one person. Well, on the other end, the fights and quarrels between the contestants are reaching new heights. The only one person, who is not bothered about all the happenings is none other than Narendra Babu Sharma.

Hey Who Is Bloody Brahmanda?
This was the question asked to himself by Narendra Babu Sharma. Well, if he was not a godman and had he chosen other career, the Brahmanda Swamji would have mouthed the aforementioned statement sporting tight jeans and a cowboy hat with a cigarette in hand when he heard about the swamiji himself.

Chandrika-Aparna's Battle

Chandrika and Aparna have started expressing their anger over each other with other contestants in the house. While the former was seen criticising, the latter with Nurse Jayalakshmi, was putting her displeasure out with Nikita Thukral.

The Debate Over 'Annapoorneshwari' Tag

Aparna got the tag of Annapoorneshwari from the day one, and the inmates and Sudeep have repeatedly used as a synonym to her name. But the only person, who does accept her as Annapoorneshwari, is Chandrika. "People call her by that name. I don't understand why and for what, they call her by that name. She does not even know to prepare rice," Chandrika was spotted making this comment with Nurse.

Chandrika's Next Target is...

Chandrika's next target is Nikita Thukral. The yesteryear actress was seen talking about the behaviour of the Vamshi actress. "I am not a fool Jaya. What does she think about me? She always goes behind the Swami and has become his disciple," Chandrika made this statement about Nikita.

Aparna Vows To Unmask Chandrika's True Face

Aparna, who appeared like a soft spoken person till recently, has suddenly changed her image as an angry woman! Her differences with Chandrika is making her to show her other side. Aparna was seen sharing her anger with Nikita and also called Chandrika as a villain in the house. She claimed that she would unmask her true face if required after leaving the house.

All I Touch Will Turn Gold

All that is touching is turning gold. This comment was recently associated with Kiccha Sudeep, but someone in the Bigg Boss house believes that he could turn sand into gold! Who else could make such statements other than Gurji Narendra Sharma? Yes, he was seen telling this to Nurse Jayalakshmi. The intelligent woman asked him to give her 10 Kgs sand.

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