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Bigg Boss: Day 39 Highlights

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Yet another task in the Bigg Boss has come to a successful end. The contestants took part in the election task for two days and of three parties (Apple, Bigg Boss and Broomstick Parties) Apple party lead by Anushree won the election by getting seven out of 10 votes.

Narendra Babu's Comment Beeped Again...
Narendra Babu's comments was censored by the show organisers again when he was seen making a remark over some of the inmates' habit of taking coffee mugs to the toilet. The conversation was happening between Sharma and Nurse Jayalaksmi.

Narendra Babu-Arun Sagar's War of Words over 'Putkosi'
Narendra Babu Sharma and Arun Sagar got into a verbal spat when the former made a loose statement at the Bigg Boss. The Swami, in his usual style, remarked 'Putkosi' (Loincloth) and said that he did not care a damn about the Bigg Boss. His disrespect towards the house and the loose statement sparked an argument, where Arun Sagar said that Sharma should take back his comments as the house belongs to the boss.

Source of The Fight...
The war of words begin over the issue of cleaning the bathroom. Arun Sagar was telling Aparna that he found hair strands in the bathroom after she had a shower. His argument was, every person should take responsibility of cleaning the house. But Aparna claimed that she did not take a shower. When the Swami entered the scene, the issue became bigger. Soon Vijay Raghavendra joined the fight, and he and Arun Sagar had a heated argument.

Narendra Babu Cries...

Narendra Babu was seen crying after the incident. He was disappointed over a small incident, which brought out the worst in him. Nikita, Aparna and Anushree consoled him.

Chandrika's Wants Chicken

Chandrika seems to have become controversial queen in the house. The yesteryear actress, who has been having differences with quite a few contestants, was criticising Swami Narendra Babu over the incident.

Neither she likes his attitude nor his statements. "I don't find it funny at all. I would bring chicken if we win the task and nobody will object it. After all, people have their own food habits."

I'm Sorry Bigg Boss

Narendra Babu Sharma, like before, came to a camera and was seen asking sorry for his earlier statement against Bigg Boss. He said, "I made a mistake and please relieve me from this house this weekend as I can't bare this kind of cheap politics. It is difficult to stay with cheap minded people."

Later, Arun Sagar, use the stage of the election campaign, sported loincloth on his shorts and criticised the 'Putkosi' statement. He also tried to explain the value of the same.

Day Time, He Is Appaji, In Night...?

Chandrika is relentlessly putting out her anguish over Swami and his followers. During one of the conversations with Arun Sagar, she said that people call him 'Appaji' (A father figure) but in the night, the relation will be something else.

3 Secret Tasks

Bigg Boss invited the three party leaders Rohan Gowda, Nurse Jayalakshmi and Anushree to the confession room and gave them three secret tasks.

After too-much of drama, the election task came to an end. Today, two contestants out of all 10 contestants will be eliminated.

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