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Bigg Boss: Day 44 Highlights

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Bigg Boss has come up with an interesting special task for the inmates again. This time, the contestants are part of several games that is created to give some physical exercise and build good relationship among housemates.

Bigg Boss Olympics
The latest task is inspired by Olympics Games, the leading international sporting event. Bigg Boss has divided the inmates into two teams - Jai Hanuman and Gharjane.

Jai Hanuma Team Members: Narendra Babu Sharma, Arun Sagar and Anushree
Gharjane Team Members: Nurse Jayalakshmi, Rohan Gowda, Nikita Thukral and Chandrika
Olympics Commissioner: Rishika Singh

Sack Race
The event began with a sack race. Arun Sagar and Nurse Jayalaksmi played the first game. And as expected, the former won the game with ease. The next in the race was Chandrika and Anushri. They put their best efforts to win the game as it was the battle played with their egos. But it was the former, who had the last laugh. Nonetheless, it was a close contest. The last game was played between Sharma and Nikita, which was one-sided game as the latter won it convincingly.

Swami Firm On Non-Veg Issue

Swami Narendra Sharma has been opposing the plan of preparing non-vegetarian food in the house. Even Sudeep had requested housemates not to eat until Swami's presence in the house. But people's mindset has started changing of late and contestants were seen telling Sharma to tolerate it as they prepare veg and non-veg in separate utensils. This has not gone well with him and he was requesting Bigg Boss to send him home for the same reason.

Rohan Gowda's Shows Off Undies

New entrant Rohan Gowda has filled the slot of lover boy Thilak in the house. Well, the actor, accidentally, had an embarrassing situation, when his towel that he was wearing dropped and displayed undies in front of girls inside the house. They left from the place running bursting with laughter.

Wrestling Time

The second game of the Olympics was wrestling. From the men side, Vijay Raghavendra and Rohan Gowda played against each other. Well-built Rohan won the game, but Vijay showed some fight even though it appeared like one-sided game.

Nikita and Anushree In The Ring

Nikita Thukral and Anushree had been sharing good relationship in the house. But they were made to play against each other in the wrestling game. It was an exciting game to see the two girls giving their best to win the match. However, Nikita was the winner.

Anushree Faints

Anushree surprisingly fainted at the end of the game. It looked too dramatic and some of them felt that she was overacting. Her rival Chandrika did not held her opinion and said the same to Arun.

Well, more to come on today's episode. So, don't miss it.

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