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Chandrika, Nikita, Jayalakshmi in danger zone, who will be eliminated?

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Friday is the day of new announcement and elimination in Bigg Boss. As Sudeep comes for the special episode Varadakathe Kicchana Jothe (A week's story with Kiccha), people curiously wait to see who will be eliminated from the house.

This week, sword is hanging over the heads of three contestants. Chandrika, Nikita Thukral and Nurse Jayalakshmi are in the danger zone by getting maximum votes from the inmates for the elimination. Of which, one member will be sent home.

Chandrika entered the house on the day one and has survived a few times despite entering danger zone. Her fights and straight forward attitude have often landed in trouble. She has been directly nominated by Anushree, who was given a special power by Bigg Boss to vote a person in her earlier task. Well, Anushree's decision has obviously not gone well with Chandrika and they are not in good terms now.

Nurse Jayalakshmi
Nurse Jayalakshmi, who entered the Bigg Boss on the day one before getting eliminated, returned the house with a wild card entry. With her bold nature and her friendship with Narendra Sharma, she has garnered a lot of attention. However, her talking style and behaviour have not gone well with a section of people inside the house. Hence, she has been pushed towards elimination. Continue reading on the slideshow...

Nikita Thukral

Nikita Thukral has been playing cards close to her chest. From the day one, she made her moves carefully and has successfully stayed inside the house. Her sweet style of Kannada speaking and her closeness to Swamiji have saved her a few times when she was in danger zone. But now the time seems to be changing as people are realising that she is not what she acts in the Bigg Boss house. Hence, she has been nominated.

So, who will be eliminated this weekend?

Though people and Bigg Boss decide whom to be sent home, our guess is Nurse Jayalakshmi. Let us wait and see what uncovers in today's episode.

What happened on 46th day? Follow next few slides to know...

Rishika, A Nightmare

Rishika Singh continued to give tough times to the settled inmates on day 46. Her strict stands and arguing behaviour have irked many in the house. It is not sure when their unhappiness will come out in open.

Rishika V/S Nurse

Rishika Singh and Nurse Jayalakshmi had a fight on 46th day. The latter's interference during one of the game show, made the former to ask Nurse not to get into an argument. Though housemates tried to calm the situation, the two did not listen and had a heated verbal exchange. It disrupted a game for a while. Later, many rounds of separate talks did not get any positive result.

What They Say?

Rishika Singh was seen telling that it was an uncultured behaviour of Nurse that irritated her. She claimed that she too could raise her voice and only respects her age. Nonetheless, she agreed to apologise if Jaya too could ask her 'sorry' for the incident.

On the other end, Nurse was unhappy because Rishika made a personal statement. As an Olympic Commissioner, she only has the right to talk about the game and not personal life.

Guruji Is Unhappy

All contestants were praised for their performance in the task. But Swami came under scanner as he refused to be part of a game. So, Bigg Boss has told him that he will be punished for the same.

Adding to that non-vegetarians have finally come inside the house. Swami, who was opposing cooking non-vegetarian food inside the house, could not help but only cry at his inability to be in such a place.

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