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Bigg Boss: Day 16 Highlights

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It was an exciting day for Bigg Boss contestants at the house on day 15. The housemates had a lot of fun with the new task being given to them.

Chandrika's Blood Is Boiling
Chandrika is not happy at all. She has a reason too. Well, the actress' blood is boiling because she is in the danger zone as the housemates have voted against her. She is secretly talking with a few and expressing her anger against some of the contestants in the house.

Vijay Raghavendra-Anushree Getting Too Friendly?
Vijay Raghavendra, who has won the hearts of housemates with his soft-spoken attitude and kind-hearted nature, is not seen getting friendly but Chandrika believes that the actor is too nice to Anushree. In a conversation with Shweta Pandit, Chandrika was seen telling her that Vijay-Anushree are more than just friends. In fact, the latter advised the former to reveal their connection if anyone links her up with Thilak.

Samudra Manthan Task
Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean of Milk is a popular in the Hindu purana. The Bigg Boss has given a task inspired by this mythological tale. The contestants have been divided into two groups representing Gods and Demons. While Swami Narendra Sharma was made to lead the Devas, new entrant Rishika Kumar Swamy was asked to head the Asuras team.

Gods (Devas): Narendra Sharma, Aparna, Nikita, Vijay Raghavendra and Vinayak Joshi
Demons (Asuras): Rishika Kumara, Chandrika, Shweta Pandit, Arun Sagar, Thilak and Anushree

A Pic From Bigg Boss House

Gods should take the righteous path and follow the rules. They have been given costumes that befits Devas. Whereas demons can break the rules to win the task. While the former will be provided food and allowed to stay inside the house, the latter will have to steal the food and will reside outside the house.

Devas should protect the treasure chest, and Demons, using their intelligence, have to steal the valuables.

Sharma Is Changing
Sharma, who has been coming under scanner for violating the house rules and more importantly for not wearing the costumes provided by the Bigg Boss, finally sported the dress given by the Boss.

Kali V/S Brahmanda

Rishi Kumar comes to know that Narendra Sharma is bad mouthing him. Reacting to it, he said to other contestants that Sharma is a dummy astrologer and he will give a fitting response soon.

The task was sportively taken by the 11 contestants. The show topper was Arun Sagar, who acted like a perfect demon from the mythological dramas. However, as the battle began, there were a lot of tiffs.

Vinay-Thilak Almost Fought...

Arun Sagar's Trick
Arun Sagar tried to trick Devas by vomiting blood. But the shocked contestants were sceptical and did not move away from the treasure chest. Some of them assumed that Arun's condition was serious and came to his rescue to realise that it was just a trick to divert Gods attention.

Vinay-Thilak Almost Fought...
As Arun Sagar acted as his health was not good, Vinayak Joshi, who was locked by the Thilak in his arms, was shocked and tried to reach him. But the Ganda Hendathi star was not ready to unlock his arms and this irritated Vinayak. However, Thilak released him when Joshi was about to lose his temper.

Nikita-Rishi Kumar Heated Moments

Nikita was not happy when Rishi Kumar tried to steal the food. The latter forced her physically to give up the food and scratched her on her hand. The actress could not control her anger and said, "Stupid fellow and greedy man." Later, they had a small tiff when the fight began to steal the valuables from treasure chest.

Nikita complained that Rishi Kumar pushed her and scratched her hands for which Vijay Raghavendra reacted saying, "You could have slapped him."

Role Reversal

Rishika Kumar tricked the Devas and stole the valuable. So, the Bigg Boss has asked for 'role reversal'. Now, the Sharma's team has turned the Demons and the vice-versa.

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