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Bigg Boss Kannada: Quarrels of Contestants

By Ramchander

Bigg Boss Kannada had a grand fitting end to the first season of the show on Sunday. After being locked inside the house for 98 days, Vijay Raghavendra beat Arun Sagar in the last lap to win the trophy and Rs 50 lakhs cash prize. There were 15 contestants, who participated in the show.

Narendra Babu Sharma, Vijay Raghavendra, Aparna, Chandrika, Nurse Jayalakshmi, Arun Sagar, Sanjjanna Galrani, Nikita Thukral, Vinayak Joshi, Thilak, Rohan Gowda, Rishika Singh, Anushree, Rishi Kumara and Shweta Pandit were the contestants. In the 98-day journey, there were many happy moments, fights, controversial scenes and more.

Here, we are bringing you some of the fights between the contestants.


Narendra Babu Sharma and Sanjjanna were the first to start a fight in the Bigg Boss house. When an issue of cleaning came up arised, the actress advised Swami to help them in maintaining cleanliness. This irked the latter and the fight broke up. But the issue was sorted out in the following week.


A comment passed by Thilak irked Sanjjanna. She was seen fuming in the house after the incident. While taking to the actress, he had said, "Picture alli nim jothe yella ag hogide ri (We have done everything in the film)." This sparked a controversy and made Sanjjanna to fume over him

Soon after he passed the comment, Sanjjanna warned him not to make such loose statements as whole Karnataka is watching them. She even went on to say that he was like her brother! Her anger did not calm down as she was seen complaining about this incident to other contestants. Words that came from her mouth: "Who is he? What is he today? He is not Emraan Hashmi of Sandalwood? He talks to me as if I am his wife and acts as if he is like Shahrukh Khan."


Nikita Picked up fight with Shweta Pandit when the latter passed a funny comment, which was taken too seriously by the former.

The Vamshi girl picked up a fight over a silly reason and brought up the issue in the dining hall. Sanjjanna supported Nikita.

It appeared like Sanjjanna and Nikita have teamed up and were playing the cards close to their chest. Nonetheless, Shweta Pandit continued to remain calm and broke down in tears once those actresses left the place.


Sanjjanna continued to be a bad girl in the house as she had a serious fight with Chandrika. The latter was unhappy when the former suggested something related to the group dance.

Chandrika, who was seen sharing her displeasure over her starry airs, pointed Sanjjanna not to pass her orders. It sparked off an instant war of words, and it is only after Anushree intervened, the issue was sorted out.

Nikita-Rishi Kumar

In one of the tasks, Nikita was not happy when Rishi Kumar tried to steal the food. The latter forced her physically to give up the food and scratched on her hand.

The actress could not control her anger and said, "Stupid fellow and greedy man." Later, they had a small tiff when the fight began to steal the valuables from treasure chest. Nikita complained that Rishi Kumar pushed her and scratched her hands for which Vijay Raghavendra reacted saying, "You could have slapped him."


Vinayak Joshi was not at all happy with Aparna after she nominated him for the elimination. This made him angry and he was seen debating about it with her. Irked by his arguments, Aparna told him that she would not be part of the elimination process from now on, if expressing her opinion in the house could lead housemates to get into arguments. She also clarified him that she doesn't have hate feelings towards him. During the process, Vinayak told her that he could raise his voice higher than her but respects her age.

Narendra Babu-Arun Sagar

Narendra Babu Sharma and Arun Sagar got into a verbal spat when the former made a loose statement at the Bigg Boss. The Swami, in his usual style, remarked 'Putkosi' (Loincloth) and said that he did not care a damn about the Bigg Boss. His disrespect towards the house and the loose statement sparked an argument, where Arun Sagar said that Sharma should take back his comments as the house belongs to the boss.

Rishika And Nurse Jayalakshmi

On 45th day, an argument broke up from nowhere between Chandrika, Rishika Singh, Arun Sagar and Nurse Jayalakhsmi. While they were pointing something out about the game, Rishika, after sharing her views, was not willing to hear others' opinion.

"I have told my views but I am not bothered about what others say. Please don't tell me anything," Rishika was seen saying. While Chandrika and Arun left the issue, Nurse was unhappy. She claimed, "When she could share her views, why not us? What sort of logic is it? We patiently heard what she was saying but when we started expressing, Rishika just walked out..."

Rishika, Nikita And Rohan Gowda

Rishika Singh also had arguments with Rohan Gowda, Nikita and a few others during the games. On one occasion, she warned Rohan not to argue with her and threatened to cut the points if anyone argues with her.

Rishika Singh-Arun Sagar

Rishika Singh started a fight when Arun Sagar came to the rescue of Narendra Babu Sharma, who was punished by Bigg Boss over some issue. The actress was not happy to see Arun lending support to him. This paved way for war of words.

Rishika Singh And Anushree

Rishika Singh and Anushree had a verbal exchange. When Rishika was seen talking in English, Anushree pointed her out to speak in Kannada. This irritated her and she got into a serious argument with Anushree.

Rishika-Vijay Raghavendra

Mr Cool Vijay Raghavendra lost his temper when Rishika Singh brought his brother Murali into an issue during a heated verbal exchange. He warned not to talk about his family members. The issue was sorted out later.


In what could be a shocking development, Narendra Babu Sharma and Nikita Thukral, who shared father-daughter bonding, had a serious argument and their relationship was temporarily broken when the actress was on the verge of touching Swamji's 'trishul'. But she apologised for the mistake and the issue was forgotten.

Chandrika And Nikita

Last but not least, Chandrika and Nikita had differences from the day one. They fought regularly on various issues. The efforts put by Bigg Boss too failed and finally, Sudeep entered the house and tried to bring peace between the warring actresses. This attempt also did not yield positive result and they patched up just before Chandrika was eliminated from the house.

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