Direction Is Difficult For Ladies: Sumana Kittur

    By Sandesh

    Director Sumana Kittur, who was recently appreciated by famous director Ram Gopal Varma, for her movie Edegarike- The Guts, has said that the direction part is very difficult for ladies and she has come across the gender bias in Kannada film industry.

    Sumana, who is famous for the movies like Aa Dinagalu, Kallara Santhe and Slum Bala, which are based out of Agni Sreedhar's novels, has said that she has personally faced the biases towards her just because she is a women.

    Speaking to a leading daily, Sumana quoted, "I would want to say a no, but I am not allowed to because I have personally faced situations where I have experiences biases towards me as I am a woman. It's a different ball game altogether. Certain people are sceptical in giving us (women) a theatre to release a movie for the fact that a woman has directed it.

    Sumana's Edegarike was the only Indian movie to be screened in Mumbai Women International Film Festival, which screens the best movies, which will be directed by women.

    "I regret to tell this but still our society is bound by the thought that a woman cannot make anything nearer to perfection. Marketing the movie is where you find the gender biased environment," Sumana added.

    Talking about her experience as a female film maker, Sumana said, "Direction is quite difficult for ladies keeping in mind their physical strength and the amount of work direction demands."

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