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I Expected State Award For Shivaraj Kumar’s Role In Thamassu: Agni Shridhar

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Novelist-director-journalist Agni Shridhar is happy that his directorial venture Thamassu won three State Awards - Second Best Movie, Best Screenplay (Agni Shridhar) and Best Supporting Actor - Female (Harshika Poonacha).
Amidst his busy schedule, Agni Shridhar spoke to Oneindia, and thanked all the State Awards committee members for recognising his movie. He thanked Thamassu team and said that it was a team work which resulted in the success.

"It was a team work. Instead of me getting the award, I would have been happy if my team mates would have got. I like to dedicate this award for the people, who were involved in the making of Thamassu," Agni Shridhar added.

He also expressed his unhappiness for the delay of the award and said that government was irresponsible in forming the committee. "I am not targeting anyone, but government should have been careful in forming the committee," Agni Shridhar quoted.

The first list of the Karnataka State awards was objected by Basant Kumar Patil and actress Priya Hassan for including the cinematographer Ashok Kashyap in the committee when the movie Super was in the list. Ashok was the cinematographer of the movie. Following which, the High Court had issued stay order for the State Awards in June 2013.
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Government Is Responsible For The Mess

Agni Shridhar said, "Government is responsible for the mess. It cannot take it so easy, when it comes to the question of art and culture."

Government Is Creating Difference In The Field Of Art

"With all these mess, government is creating differences among the artists. This should not repeat again," says Shridhar.

Art Is Mixed With Politics

"We respect art as 'Kala Saraswathi (God of art)', but government has mixed the dirty politics into art and spoiling it," Shridhar added.

Government Cannot Take It For Granted

Agni Shridhar said, "Government should not play with artists. They cannot take it for granted when they have chance to felicitate the art and artists."

Agni Sreedhar's Request For Government

Shridhar requested government by saying, "I sincerely request the government not to mix the politics into art and culture, because it is pure."

Agni Sreedhar Expected Award For Shivaraj Kumar

"Shivaraj Kumar aka Shivanna is a wonderful actor, he is the main person for the movie to come out well as a lead role. I was expecting a State Award for his role," Shridhar added.

Harshika Poonacha Rewarded For Her Efforts

Harshika Pooncha won the Best Supporting Actor (Female) for her performance in Thamassu. Agni Shridhar quoted, "Harshika had also done a good job. She is rewarded for her efforts."

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