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Bigg Boss Kannada (Day-7,8 Highlights) - Ganda Hendathi's Insecurities

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The first week at the Bigg Boss Kannada house has come to an end with the elimination of Nurse Jayalakshmi and the second week has begun with interesting things happening between the housemates.

Day 7 and Day 8
Narendra Babu Sharma, in his usual way, spoke out without worrying about the outcome and the crew of Bigg Boss on a few occasions beeped objectionable verbal content mouthed by the Swami.

The entertaining part of the day was the growing insecurities of Sanjjanna and Thilak, the Ganda Hendathi lead pair, and Thilak and Shweta Pandit's bonding inside the house.

An easy comment made by Thilak to Sanjjanna irked the latter. She was seen fuming all through the day after that incident. So, what did he say?

Though it was not clear, it is assumed that it was an over-friendly statement that did not go well with Sanjjanna, who has been wanting to vote out Thilak from the day one at Bigg Boss Kannada.

Soon after he passed the comment, Sanjjanna warned him not to make such loose statements as whole Karnataka is watching them. She even went on to say that he was like her brother! Continue reading on the slideshow to read interesting statements made by her...

Ganda Hendathi's Insecurities

Her anger did not calm down as she was seen complaining about this incident to other contestants. Words that came from her mouth: "Who is he? What is he today? He is not Emran Hashmi of Sandalwood? He talks to me as if I am his wife and acts as if he is like Shahrukh Khan."

Ganda Hendathi's Insecurities

Talking about Ganda Hendathi, Sanjjanna said:
Ganda Hendathi is a bloody film.
It is only because of her, Ganda Hendathi ran in theatres.
Thilak was just a sidekick in the film and played a small villain role.

What's Cooking Between Thilak And Shweta?

Apart from this, there was an interesting story happening inside. The friendship between Thilak and Shweta Pandit seems to be turning towards a serious relationship. Every member in the house is aware of their bonding and was seen pulling their legs for the same. More or less, they appeared to be more than just friends.

House Of Secret Talks

Secret talks are happening at every corner of the house. Noticeable among them is a chat between Sanjjanna-Arun Sagar about their unhappiness over the Swami.

What Others Are Doing?

Aparna seems to be missing her family as she was not active like the first week in the house.
Chandrika, who seems to have become active, was talking to Shweta about the nexus between some actors, who are good friends even before they arrived into the Bigg Boss house.
As usual, Vijay Raghavendra was silent and Vinayak Joshi was trying to use the situations for his benefit.

Guruji Punished

Narendra Babu Sharma has repeatedly violated the house rules by sleeping in the day. Finally, he was punished as he was made to sit on a chair under the sun for several hours. He was asked not to move anywhere except to attend nature calls.

Nikita Picks Up Fight with Shweta Pandit

Shweta Pandit passed a funny comment, which was taken too seriously by Nikita. The latter, who was not happy, picked up a fight for a silly reason and brought up the issue in the dining hall. Sanjjanna supported Nikita.

Bigg Boss House

It appeared like Sanjjanna and Nikita have teamed up and were playing the cards close to their chest. Nonetheless, Shweta Pandit continued to remain calm and broke down in tears once those actresses left the place.

Sanjjanna, Nikita, Guruji And Arun Sagar In Danger Zone

Sanjjanna, Nikita, Guruji and Arun Sagar are in danger zone as they have got maximum votes by the 11 contestants. Of all, Sanjanna has got six votes and she is more likely to be out of the show.

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