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I don't like to be branded: Parari director Chaitanya

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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I don't like to be branded: Parari director Chaitanya

   A sleeper hit and a disappointing flop are the two underlining points in director KM Chaitanya's resume. Having made a dream debut in Aadinagalu and earning a good reputation for making an action film for family audience, he failed to put his best foot forward in Suryakanthi, which vanished from people's mind without any trace. Now, putting the failure behind, he is back with Parari, a comedy film with no big stars in the cast.

KM Chaitanya, in an interview with Oneindia, has opened up about Parari, his cast and more. Read on for the interview.

You are back after four years. Why did you take so long time for your next venture? Is it because your last film Suryakanthi bombed at the Box Office?
I think it is my bad habit to take a break after doing a film. I did Aadinagalu in 2007 and took three years break and then made Suryakanthi. Now, my latest Parari is also coming up after a three-year break. I hope that I will make films frequently from now on. Nothing stops me from making movies. However, I had reasons for the delay. I did a documentary for UNESCO and made a tele-serial, which took away one and a half years. I also directed a couple of ad-films. Directing films demand 100% attention and when I was busy with other assignments, I could not dedicate myself on making films. Moreover, I wait for good subjects and announced a Telugu project, which is delayed for some reasons. Hence, I took up Parari. Well, Suryakanthi failure was also one of the reasons why my next got delayed.

Your earlier films were serious in nature. Now you are venturing into a new genre - Comedy. Why did you choose a comedy subject? Does the success of Govindaya Namaha and Rambo inspire you?
No, it's not a new territory for me. I have directed a lot of comedy plays and they were successful too. I don't like to be branded to specific genres. I love to make movies in different genres. I don't want to prevent creative juices from flowing. It is for the same reason Kamal Hassan became so popular. Well, I am not influenced by the success of Govindaya Namaha and Rambo.

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