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Audience doubled for Bachchan from Kempe Gowda period: Sudeep

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Success is temporary: Sandalwood Bachchan Sudeep
Kiccha Sudeep is on cloud nine with his latest film Bachchan getting positive response from various quarters. The superstar visited Oneindia and talked about the film, his experience, CCL and more. Here are the excerpts:

Whatever you touch seems to be turning into gold right now. Be it on small-screen, cricket or your films, you are getting success everywhere. What is the secret behind it?
Frankly speaking, I don't know. I have been working very hard. Besides, I am lucky that people have continued to watch my films, thereby encouraging me. Apart from it, I guess if there is something that's making me successful, that is my determination. I can never give up on my determination, my dream and my life.

Why did you choose a young director than an experienced director considering that people will have huge expectations from your film after the success of Eega. Secondly, were you confident about Shashank's abilities?

I never had doubts over his abilities as I had seen his earlier movies. When Shashank came up and told me a one-line story, I was not impressed. I told him I don't like it. He asked me to trust him. I said I don't understand your one-line story. What I realised in this particular case was that here was a director, who was very keen on working with me. So, it is better to work with such people rather than going behind established directors. Later, he impressed me by giving a lengthy narration. There were small hitches we had in the script. I told him that if you are confident, I am ready for the project. And he lived up to it.

How was the experience?
I thoroughly enjoyed working with this team. Shahshank is a good technician and working with him was a wonderful experience. I also had good co-stars that helped the film to shape up well.

How is the response for Bachchan?
The film is running housefull all over the state. Looking at the pre-release response, the producer decided to distribute the film on his own in some regions. That decision has turned out to be a blessing for him as he is making twice the money now. It has also helped us to realise what our market is. Audience have doubled for Bachchan from Kempe Gowda time.

We hear that Bachchan is ready to go to other languages.
Yes. A couple of them have approached us for the Hindi remake rights of the film and talks are still on. And also, Bachchan is being dubbed in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The producer is getting a good price through the rights.

Bachchan posters are seen in every part of Bangalore and are impressive too.
Producer Uday K Mehta has given his heart out to promote the film. Wherever you go, Bachchan posters will strike your eyes. The team has worked together and chalked out promotional strategies to attract audience through the posters.

Will Bachchan release outside Karnataka?
The film will be screened in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah on 18, 19 and 20th of this month. And also, the film will hit the screens in Chennai, Hyderbad, Goa, and Mumbai in coming weeks. We are also in talks to release the movie in the US and Australia.

Were you giving your ideas and inputs to Shahshank knowing that you are a successful director too?
I used to give ideas regarding my character. Our discussions were strictly limited to my character. Well, besides he had absolute clarity in what he wants. So, there was no necessity to offer him any tips or suggestions.

Are good opportunities coming you way or vice versa?
It is all about making choices in life. Instead of calling opportunities, choices of what you want to do in life matters the most. For me it was more simple that I made a few choices in life that probably got me into this profession. Once I came into film industry, I have stuck to it irrespective of all highs and lows. I have only realised that it is all about making the right choice but we don't know what is 'right' until we make a choice! In my opinion, if you feel positive about achieving something, work towards it. It is better you make the best out of it when you have it. Frankly speaking, it is not difficult to be successful because it is in your mind. If there is a comparison drawn, I would like to be compared with one of the biggest stars of India...I want to grow that big.

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