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Prem is jealous of Yash: Chandra director Roopa Iyer

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Roopa Iyer, the director of forthcoming colourful film Chandra, is not happy with the recent developments. She is fuming over the lead actor Prem for resorting into cheap publicity and for giving a miss to promotional activities of the movie.

Prem Kumar went out to the town accusing Roopa Iyer of disrespecting him recently. His main issue was promoting Yash like the lead star of the movie and giving more importance to the man who has just done a cameo in Chandra.

Well, the director has now spoken to Oneindia about the ongoing controversy and explained her side of the story. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Your reaction on Prem's claims.
Prem is doing all these things to get free publicity. I'm not a person, who believes in negative publicity. There is no truth in his claims as I had invited him to the press meet. His manager was present at the conference. And he says that I did not invite him personally. But who on earth will call him and invite when he has insulted me and my father in public.

He is just jealous of Yash. For me, Yash is a big star and promoting him in posters will give a good publicity. But Prem does not understand it. All he thinks is that we are not giving importance to him. Come on, I stood by him when some actresses were not happy to work alongside him. In fact, Shriya Saran too asked why Prem and why not Upendra or Darshan. But I believed in him and decided to cast him. He should be grateful because I am introducing him to Tamil films. Continue reading on the slideshow...

Yash Trying To Be Good

Prem says that Yash is a good friend of him and the latter informed him that he was getting more importance than the lead star.
I don't think so. Maybe Yash is trying to be good with both of us as he doesn't want a silly issue affect a mega-budget film.

Ambi-Ravi Urge Prem To...

Is there anyone mediating between you two to sort out the differences?
Ambareesh and Ravichandran have already urged him not to create unnecessary controversy. They have asked him to sort out the issues for the good of both the parties. The whole industry is standing beside me because I have done no crime. I have invited him to the press meet through my manager and if he doesn't come, it is his problem. I have not created the controversy and it is he who is trying to be in the news for all wrong reasons.

Will Prem's absence prove costly?

Do you think his absence will affect Chandra?
I don't think it will affect because people are aware of all the developments. We are promoting the film to the maximum extent and we are confident of our product.

Preperations In Full Swing

How are the preparations for the release going on?
Preparations are in full swing. We are leaving no stone unturned to publicise the movie. We want to release it in maximum number of screens.

Chandra On June 27

Chandra starring Prem, Shriya Saran and Ganesh Venkataraman will release on June 27. The film has a reincarnation love story with two blue blooded lead characters revealing an epic tale.

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