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Audience Will Be Bowled Over By Googly: Yash

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Yash has come a long way in his career. Having started his acting career in television serials, he made his debut in films in award-winning Moggina Manasu as a hero. As a lovable actor with the abilities to perform action sequences on his own and pulling off romantic roles with ease, the actor won the hearts of both mass and class audience. He also earned the title 'Rocking Star'. Today, he stands tall among his league of stars and has become highest paid star among them.

Now, Yash, who is returning after the success of Yogaraj Bhat's Drama, is game for the release of his Googly directed by Pavan Wadeyar of Govindaya Namaha. To promote the movie and talk about the same, he visited Oneindia. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Your journey has not been smooth. You did not become a star overnight rather you kept one step at a time and reached where you are today.
Whatever it has happened, it has been good to me. We need experience to move forward in life and need strength to handle success. May be, life would have been difficult if I had become a sensation overnight. Luckily, I saw both success and failure that helped me grow in films. To give you an example, if a boy gets a bike during his college days, it is obvious that he would like to do wheeling and do things to impress others. It makes us careless and we never understand the value of the same. But if the same bike is purchased by a working man, he uses it to go to office and for right purposes. For him, it will be just a mode of transport. So, success or stardom, I have treated it like a mode of transport and it has been a driving force.

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Coming to your latest film Googly, what made you to accept the project considering that Pavan Wadeyar is just one-film old?

I always prefer young director because they bring fresh ideas. Their energy level and eagerness to prove their talent make me to choose them. We also get a lot of motivation from them. When it comes to Pavan, I liked his positive approach. He had grip in his script and he never appeared like a new director. He came to me with a lot of confidence and I always believed that if a director has such qualities, product will be nothing less than best. Any actor will be impressed if a filmmaker expresses his ideas to present his hero in a beautiful way.

Your work experience with Pavan Wadeyar...

I'm very happy to tell you that I had a wonderful experience working with him. And I am also proud to claim that I would give dates any time for him. I enjoyed every bit of shooting. More than a director, I liked him as a human being. I consider him as my younger brother. I loved his attitude and his passion for films.

Pavan thinks like audience. He visualises the story and always dreams about the way people love to see characters/scenes on big screen. He is involved in his work and he has that innocence, which makes any man in the creative field to open up before the world. He keeps his eyes and ears open.

Generally, differences of opinion emerge between an actor and director while working in a movie. Did you face such differences with Pavan?

We passionately worked for the betterment of the project and when you have such attitude, differences won't arise.

Tell us about your character in Googly.

I play the role of a confident guy, a peculiar character. He lives for himself. This doesn't mean that he is an egocentric person. He has his own visions about his life and he is a naturally talented guy. Well, it is the story of a man, who always stayed away from girls and love.

How different is this movie from your earlier movies?

Probably, for the first time in my career, I have done this kind of role. It was challenging and different kind of character. The role demanded me to change my body language, and even my appearance will be different here. Thanks to Pavan's script, which clearly defined every bit on my character and my style.

You often get appreciation for changing accents in your films.

I have a good grip over the language. I adapt to the characters, understand the requirement of the role very well and work hard on it. Being an actor, it is your duty to do justice for the roles that you enact. If I'm doing Mandya based role, it is obvious that I speak in the Mandya dialect and cannot speak like a Mangalorean. Well, it helps to connect with the audience. I observe people and try to behave like them.

So, what dialect have you spoken in Googly?

No particular dialect in Googly. It is just a typical Bangalore dialect.

Working with Kriti Kharbanda...

It was nice to work with Kriti. We had good scope for our roles in Googly. Chemistry won't be a problem when two good actors come together.

Can we expect love spin in Googly?

The story is unpredictable. The twists in the story cannot be guessed. You should watch the movie to know the love spin. However, I am sure that the audience will be bowled over by Googly.

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