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Ambareesha Gets Trolled!

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    Challenging star Darshan hit a jackpot on November 20th with his latest movie Ambareesha. The movie is going very strong in the box office and shattered all records by collecting 10 crores in just 3 days.

    Such massive was the response of the movie that it severely effected the box office collection of Bollywood movie Happy Ending. In Bangalore, Ambareesha managed to collect twice the amount as Happy Ending on the opening day. Ambareesha, however, did not get a favorable review from the critics. The rating for the movie ranged from 2 to 3 owing to its lackluster screenplay and very poor direction.

    Despite such poor review, Darshan's charisma was strong enough to pull the viewers into the theatres, making Ambareesha one of the biggest hits this year. But viewers vented out their frustration over the poor quality of the movie. A Facebook page by the name Troll Haiklu was in particular, very critical about the quality of the movie. The page owners used their impeccable sense of humor to make people laugh using some hilarious memes.

    While the fans of the Challenging star may defend the movie as much as they want, it is clear that the director could have worked harder on the screenplay. Troll Haiklu is not the only page which vented out it's frustration over the movie, but it certainly made the best memes at the expense of the movie.

    The quality of Kannada movies has been a matter discussion. The number of viewers for Kannada movies are on a decline due to lack of good movies and massive promotion done by other film industry. While the success of Ambareesha is a welcome sign for the plagues Kannada film industry, the decline in the quality of content is an area of concern every film maker should address.

    Below are some of the funniest memes taken from the Facebook page Troll Haiklu.

    Fans feel sleepy

    A hilarious take on the boring screenplay of the movie. Some of the viewers said that the movie fails to take off till the 2nd half. Almost everyone ended up feeling bored throughout the first half of the movie. Seems like Darshan too fell asleep here.

    Best form of torture?

    The people compared the movie to be a form of torture. Boring movies can usually evoke such response from the viewers. With such poor script, this movie could be very well used for torturing hardened criminals.

    The Facebook movie comparison

    The Say Thanks video introduced by Facebook has went viral. The concept was supposed to be beautiful, but isn't quite innovative and fun as it sounds to be. Which one is better?Ambareesha or The Facebook movie?

    Kanwar Lal is not happy!

    Rebel Star Ambareesh was a part of the movie, but how would he feel about a movie with such weak script? Well Kanwar Lal is angry, and he seems to be ready to make a movie titled Darshana

    Even songs get trolled

    The songs of the movie might have become popular thanks to their quality, but that does not stop the trolls on the internet to make a hilarious joke on it. In their defense, even we would like to know why so much reel!

    The Kinley ad meme

    The Kinley water ad has become viral and the meme build around it is getting very popular. The guilty daughter does not get sleep in spite of such insipid screenplay of Ambareesha. Her father has only word to comfort her in this hilarious take on the illogical stunts in the movie.

    Heights of exasperation!

    This one will make anybody laugh. Looks like the maker of this meme was completely exasperated by the quality of the movie. Running way with the chair! Well, this may soon happen in reality if movie makers don't improve on quality of content.

    The Joke Office Collection!

    We have box office collection for movies, but Ambareesha has a Joke Office collection. Quite a good collection if you looks at it. But the jokes on the haters as Ambareesha raked in 13 crores is just 4 days.

    Darshan Fans are sportive!

    When bad movies are made, many fans of various superstars defend. However, a big difference seen with Ambareesha was that, even the biggest fans of Darshan accepted that movie could have been made lot better. Fans should force the actors to do better and more entertaining movies.

    Kush's philosophical take.

    This philosophical meme sums up the Kannada film industry. Until a right mix of class and mass is not achieved, the viewers will keep getting disappointed with the movies that are being made in Kannada. Hope that the filmmakers take cognizance of it.

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