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    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj


    Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj is back with a new movie titled Neenade Naa. For the first time in his career, the actor has worked with his home production. His father and veteran actor Devaraj has produced the movie. Neenade Naa is a family and youth oriented movie. In an exclusive interview with Filmibeat, the actor spoke in length about the movie and his upcoming work.

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    Filmibeat: How was the experience working with your father?

    Prajwal Devaraj: I have worked with my father before. He did an extended cameo in one of my movies. But this is the first time I have worked with him as my producer. During the filming father told me what he expects from me as an actor. He also fixed some of my mistakes which I was unaware of. Working with him on a complete movie has made me grow up even more as an actor.

    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj

    Filmibeat: What sort of role do you play in the movie?

    Prajwal Devaraj: My character is an assistant director. He has works in the film industry. Seldom do people realize how difficult it is to be an assistant director. They do a lot of work and organize all the crew members. My character starts at the age of 16 and goes up till the age of 26. So my character grows from 10th standard boy to become an assistant director.

    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj

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    Filmibeat: What kind of audience will this movie target?

    Prajwal Devaraj: There is no set audience. This is a movie that you can watch with both, your family and your friends. The movies talks about the struggle of a boy and almost everyone can relate to it at a certain point.

    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj

    Filmibeat: Could you tell more about the story or theme of the movie?

    Prajwal Devaraj: As I said before, the story is about a boy who works as an assistant director. The movie has been inspired by real events. It deals with the struggle of that boy in his career and love life. The movie also deals with the issue of women empowerment and stress on the need of women being independent in today's world.

    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj

    Filmibeat: When in the movie releasing? And what are your expectations?

    Prajwal Devaraj: The movie is releasing on October 17th statewide. I am confident that people will like the movie. They will be able to relate to the story of the protagonist.

    An Exclusive Interview With Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj

    Filmibeat: What are your future projects?

    Prajwal Devaraj: My next film is titled Mrugashira. 90% of the movie has been shot in forest, among the tribal people. After that I will be in Arjuna, which is a murder mystery. I will share the screen space with my father in this movie.

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