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      Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 22 Highlights


      Every Monday brings in a sense of fear among the participants in Bigg Boss Kannada 2 as it is the day of nomination. All the participants nominate two persons for elimination that takes place on Saturday.

      On day 22 of Bigg Boss Kannada 2, speculations were rife that participants were discussing among themselves about the next round of nomination. Bigg Boss had to warn the participants that discussing and planning the nomination procedure is against the rules of the game.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 22 Highlights

      Santhosh punished again
      Santhosh seems to be a slow learner. He had already been punished for not speaking Kannada inside the house. Shakila, before leaving the house, had asked Bigg Boss to punish Santhosh for speaking English. He was therefore asked to write "Kannadave satya, Kannadave nitya" on a white board until further orders.

      Twist in the nomination
      Since few of the participants were trying to rig the nomination procedure, Bigg Boss bought in a change in the whole process. Instead of nominating two people for elimination, the participants had to nominate two people whom they would like to save from elimination.

      Rohit nominated for the fourth time
      After getting nominated for three consecutive weeks, Rohit's luck did not change as he got nominated again for elimination. Along with him, Neetu, Aadhi, Layendara and Mayur have been nominated as well.

      Akul saves Santhosh
      Santhosh was initially nominated for elimination. However, Akul, who is the captain of the house, saved him from the nomination using the special power given to him by Bigg Boss.

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