Darshan Becomes An Underworld Don


    Challenging star Darshan is currently high on the success of his movie Ambareesha, which is breaking all records at the box office. The super star has already signed for several other movies and is booked until 2017.

    However, this does not stop Darshan from doing small favors for his friends. The actor will be seen in the upcoming Mumtaz as an underworld don. He did the cameo role as a favor for his friends Dharma Keertiraj and Sharmila Mandre, who are playing the lead roles in this movie.

    Darshan Becomes An Underworld Don

    The interesting point here is that Darshan's role is not of an antagonist, despite him portraying an underworld don. Darshan's character is a friend of Dharma Keertiraj in the movie and he will helping the lovers unite. Darshan participated in the shooting of the movie for three days recently and finished his cameo appearance.

    Darshan Becomes An Underworld Don

    It is interesting to note that Darshan had played role of mediator for the same pair in the super hit movie Navagraha. Dharma Keerthiraj and Sharmila Mandre are very good friends of the Togudeepa family. Therefore, it is not very surprising that Darshan obliged by doing a cameo in the upcoming movie. The song of Mumtaz have become popular, but what impact will Darshan's cameo in the movie have, will be known when the movie releases.

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