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      Erica Fernandes Shocked Over Sky Diver Ramya's Death

      By Sandesh

      Mumbai lass Erica Fernandes has expressed her shock over the death of Bangalore women Ramya during the sky diving. A 26-year-old women from Bangalore has died after a parachute malfunction, when she was practicing skydiving in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

      Talking to Bangalore Times, Erica has strongly reacted against the safety measures taken in India during the sky diving. The actress had done a high octane sky diving stunt in her recent release Ninnindale, along with Power Star Puneet Rajkumar. The scene was canned at USA in the professional sky diving training centre.

      Expressing shock over Ramya's death, Erica said, "Ramya's death is shocking. It is totally the fault of the sky diving association. One requires qualified trainers on the job. And an individual is not allowed to jump without a trained tandem sky diving instructor, because most of us sky dive for a bit of adventure. As far as I know, Ramya took a two-day course costing Rs 1 lakh, and then was sent off to jump. There was not even adequate medical facility on ground. It shows that the association was only out to make a quick buck - even at the cost of human lives."

      "I feel adventure associations in our country can be the best, but somehow are lazy about getting their act together. Both Puneeth and I were keen on taking up the sky diving course and become certified divers who would be allowed to jump on our own. However, this will require weeks of training - unlike the two days that Ramya was given. I am still keen on being a certified diver, but I will never even dare to do that anywhere in India," she added.

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