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Bigg Boss 3: Highlights Of Episode-2

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Day 1 in the Bigg Boss house was normally spent among the contestants knowing each other. Shruthi has been elected as the captain for the first week. Meanwhile, 15 contestants have been divided into three departments; cooking cleaning and entertainment.

Day 2: Pooja Gandhi and Master Anand shook the leg for song 'Thamnam Thamnam Manasu Midiyutide'. While dancing, they both end up breaking a glass light in the Bigg Boss house. Followed by this, Pooja Gandhi again breaks a chair.

Anand and Pooja are punished for breaking the glass light and chair, they both are given standing punishment for half of the day. Post lunch, Bigg Boss gives the first task to the contestants.

Task 1: Satisfaction

Actress Shruti heads the team as a saint wearing the orange coloured gown and others wore white gown, representing as her disciples. Each one of the contestants share their thoughts about spiritually. In the discussion, Rahman Haseeb and Huccha Venkat indulge in war of words, since Venkat disrespects the opinion of Master Anand.

In the evening, a clash between Kruthika and Tsunami Kitty is seen in the house. Kruthika seeks sympathy from captain Shruti. Will small screen audiences save Kruthika from danger zone? We will have to wait and see.

Day 2 of Bigg Boss house was spent about the preaching of spirituality, fights and entertainment. Read more in the slides below... 

Shruthi And Chandan

Day 2, in pics Shruti and Chandan watching dance performace by Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi.


While dancing for the song, 'Thananam Thananam', Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi end up breaking a glass light for which Bigg Boss gives them standing punishment.

Rahman And Master Anand Bonding Over

In picture, we all can see Rahman and Master Anand's bonding. Rahman is helping Anand to drink a glass of water when he stood for standing punishment from Bigg Boss.

Pooja Gandhi

Mungaru Male actress Pooja Gandhi beig punished for breaking a chair and glass light. The actress is made to lift her hands up holding two oranges.

Task 1: Satisfaction

Bigg Boss gives the first task, Satisfaction for contestants. Shruti leads the task as a csaint and others play her disciples.


Shruti giving spiritual ghyaan for her disciples, while performing the first ask in Bigg Boss house.

Master Anand

Master Anand explaining about spirituality and satisfaction for his friends of Bigg Boss 3.

Clash Between Rahman And Huccha Venkat

Rahman raises voice when Huccha Venkat disrespects the thoughts of Anand about spirituality.

Rahman As Krishna

In the picture, Rahman perfoming as Lord Krishna while speaking about spirituality. Contestants Neha Gowda and RJ Nethra are also spotted with Rahman in the picture.

Kruthika And Shruti

Kruthika sharing her life experiences with captain Shruti. Is Kruthika trying to grab the attention in Bigg Boss house? Let's and see.

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