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'Uppi 2' With An Abrupt Ending! Is Upendra Planning For Uppi 3?

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OMG! Can't believe this! Today, (August 14) Uppi 2 has hit the marquee. Crazy and die-hard fans of Upendra have already watched the movie. If we have to go by the reports, Uppi 2 has an abrupt ending. So then, is Upendra planning for Uppi 3

The fans and viewers are still not out of the hangover of Uppi 2 and even before that we have been hearing about its next sequel! Well, Upendra is popularly called as Real Star of Sandalwood. His movies are psychological and depicts a strong message to the society. 

Click on the link to watch the live audience review of Uppi 2 near theatres... 

So Kannada audiences are definitely expecting a psychological thriller cum a script oriented movie, i.e.., Uppi 2. Uppi 2 is the sequel of earlier movie Upendra(1999) which is still remembered for its brilliant story. Upendra was a blockbuster and audiences have the same expectations for Uppi 2 as well. 

Many who watched the early morning show(6 AM) in Namma Bengaluru have took  to their Twitter pages and have written" Expected #Uppi2 to be different and it turned out to be even more different.. Unusual ending.. Neither loved nor hated only wondered.. 😲😳😵😷".

#Uppi2 first half report:Typical Masterpiece of India @realupendra flick
In interval total audi whistled & discussing abt 2nd half

So with an abrupt ending, what is Upendra trying to convey through the movie! Stay locked here to know... 

See audience Tweets in the slides... 

Click here to know how fans are celebrating the arrival of Uppi 2

KIRAN KUMAR.S ‏@sparkiran

Upendra was the first film I had watched alone!
#Uppi2 releases today... for sure it ll b a treat not just for eyes but for brain(s) too! ;)

Aneesh Malkhed ‏@AneeshMalkhed

#Uppi2 neenu next #uppi3 avanu then ivanu and later yavano.!! 😁

Pa1 ‏@PKLicact

If he is leaving it up to audience, the climax shld seem true in either of the conditions. #Uppi2

Timba ‏@Timba_Monalicha

@iambsa Watch once as Naanu, next as Neenu, Next time as Avanu... to understand :)

kis bobn ‏@skishor087

How can @realupendra think out of the box.... Mind blowing movie, must movie to all.. #Uppi2 #Uppi2On14Aug @ipriyanka_Up

cineloka.co.in ‏@cineloka

Don't Live in Past, Don't Think About Future. Live the Life at Present #Uppi2 'Naanu' is Backkk @realupendra @TheParulYadav @AkheevaKristina

Adithya BS ‏@iambsa

#Uppi2. Could nt understand a thing. Why Naanu became Neenu? Or is Naanu Neenu? Then who is that avanu?? #ConfusionIsHappiness

balajeesh ‏@balajeesh

@realupendra has conveyed the concept that if u r not in "NOW here" then u r "NO where" #Uppi2
@Gandhinagara @KannadaBO @cineloka

Vasant Shetty ‏@vasantshetty81

Pleasantly surprised to see #Uppi2 Telugu dub getting more screens in AP/TG than for Kannada version in Karnataka.

Vasant Shetty ‏@vasantshetty8

When Kannada stars make original scripts, nothing like that. After a spate of lifeless remakes, the @realupendra is back with #Uppi2

Namma kudla kannada ‏@NammaKFI

#UPPI2 Running with houseful shows (Y)
> #ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯಿ0ದ ಹೇಳು ನಾ ಕನ್ನಡ ಚಿತ್ರ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿ ಎಂದು... #ಇದು ನಮ್ಮ ಕುಡ್ಲ ಕನ್ನಡ...

CineSparksKannada ‏@CineSparksKan


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Pa1 ‏@PKLicact

And abt the song #NoExcuseMePlease .. Its not a taunt abt SRK guys, in that stanza @realupendra himself is SRK . Suchaa #Twist #Uppi2 :D :D

Chetan M E ‏@Chetan1406

#Uppi2 what do I say about this movie as cult,classic,superb,excellent or flop.I am confused @realupendra @ipriyanka_Up

#Uppi2 Release Day ‏@Sandalwoodnews

#Uppi2 opens with amazing reviews. Almost all viewers are confused. Will lead them to watch multiple times for sure. Pakka BLOCKBUSTER guru!

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