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    IMPORTANT NEWS! This Is Why Darshan Thoogudeep Agreed To Act As Duryodhana, In Kurukshetra!

    By Lalithram

    Darshan will start shooting for his 50th film of his career, Kurukshetra. The actor considers this movie to be special and has been chosen to portray Duryodhana's character in the movie.

    Okay, so whenever someone thinks of Mahabharat or The Battle of Kurukshetra, what will come to their mind? It will most definitely be The Pandavas or Lord Krishna.

    What thought crosses one's mind when they hear the name, Kauravas? Well, for starters, they were the one who disrobed Draupadi in front of a gathering, they were the ones who stole Pandavas kingdom from them. Right?

    If those are the general thoughts, then, why did Challenging Star Darshan Thoogudeep agree to play the role of Duryodhana? It is but natural for people to ask this question.

    Everyone envisions Darshan as an ideal hero, Mr. Perfect. Many cannot digest the fact that their idol will essay the role of an antagonist in the movie.

    So, why and how did Darshan accept Duryodhana's role? What is he trying to prove, you ask? Do not worry much as Challenging Star himself has answered all those questions himself!

    The actor has addressed a media gathering and has answered the need for him to take up Duryodhana's role. The best part about it was the way Darshan explained the importance of his on-screen character.

    Well, why waste any more time? Go ahead, read it for yourself..

    Duryodhana Is My Hero – Darshan Thoogudeep

    "For me, after reading Mahabharat, I feel Duryodhana is a hero too. Many asked me, why I would want to portray the role of Duryodhana in my 50th film. Well, why should I not do it is what I will ask them" said Darshan Thoogudeep.

    Duryodhana Is Not Evil

    "Duryodhana is not bad or evil. If you ask in that sense, who amongst the Pandavas won the Kurukshetra battle fair and square? Pandavas were the ones who placed Shikandi in front of Bheeshma and attacked, they took the protective shield away from Karna as charity. They won the battle by cheating. But, the eldest Kaurava did not do that!" remarked Darshan, stating his opinion.

    Huge Respect To Duryodhana

    "Who was it who laughed when Duryodhana slipped and fell? It was Draupadi. She was the cause for his embarrassment. It was Krishna who told Bheema to hit Duryodhana on his thighs as it was his only weak point. Duryodhana was incited by external factors for you to categorize him as an antagonist" said Darshan, defending his point of view.

    Why Duryodhana's Point of View?

    "In Mahabharat, the entire story can be told from every single person's point of view. And trust me, it would be different in each and every one's case. It is just a matter of perspectives. We chose to take Duryodhana's perspective" said Darshan, proudly.

    Duryodhana's Role Is Challenging!

    Darshan said, "For an actor, every role he takes up will be a challenge. Every role should be executed very carefully as if it were his first movie. Duryodhana's role has a lot of command, power and respect. The character is vast. In order to provide complete justice to his role, I should be able to imbibe his every characteristic in me. It might be his fear, courage, power or determination, every characteristic is important. I am very happy and equally excited to take up this challenging role."

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