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    International Yoga Day Special - Dr. Rajkumar's Affection To Yoga

    By Lalithram

    Dr. Rajkumar was well-known not just because he was a movie star, but he was also popular for his fitness regimen and yoga practice, and this can be observed in his movie, Kaamanabillu.

    During the shooting of Kaamanabillu, the film team was supposed to shoot for a scene that involved Dr. Rajkumar performing yoga during early morning. The entire cast and crew were present on the shooting scene, shivering the entire time. Dr. Rajkumar was the only person who was least bothered about the temperature and easily finished his yoga scene without a re-take.

    The entire film team still recollects that moment where Dr. Rajkumar was seemingly unaffected by the low temperatures. He was easily one of the most fit and active members of the cast, despite his age, thanks to yoga.

    Rajanna not just followed practising yoga everyday, it was an eternal part of his life, till his last breath. Intrigued to know more information about Dr. Rajkumar's yoga obsession?

    On International Yoga Day, we present to you some facts and rare photographs of Dr. Rajkumar performing yoga.

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    Yoga Since 1978

    Dr. Rajkumar had begun to face some health problems due to extensive travelling and shooting schedule. In 1978, after completing the movie, Operation Diamond Rocket, Dr. Rajkumar had apparently started to face knee pain. One of his relatives suggested him to start doing yoga and ever since then, Dr. Rajkumar never stopped practising it.

    Yoga In Life

    Dr. Rajkumar did not perform yoga to show-off or to give fake impression in front of others. Yoga was one of Rajanna's favourite hobbies that helped him feel rejuvenated. It was a quintessential part of his life.

    Yoga At The Age Of 50

    Usually, for any common man, the moment his age crosses 40, his body starts to wear out and gets the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. But, Dr. Rajkumar used to practice yoga even at the age of 50, which only goes to prove that his staunch belief in yoga and daily practice kept him going and motivated.

    Dr. Rajkumar's Energy Source

    Dr. Rajkumar was beyond fit even at an age of 50. As confessed by himself many years ago, yoga was his secret source of physical energy and fitness. He had also said that the sole reason for his betterment in health was yoga.

    Nothing Can Beat Yoga

    Yoga not only rejuvenates your body, it also rejuvenates your mind. After learning yoga, Dr. Rajkumar apparently stopped doing extra physical activity and other fitness regimens, as yoga substituted all of them.

    Yoga In Jungle

    Surprisingly, Dr. Rajkumar even practised yoga in jungles when he was kidnapped by the notorious Veerappan. Thanks to yoga, Dr. Rajkumar was able to survive in the harsh conditions of forests for a period of 90 days.

    Yoga With Parvathamma Rajkumar

    Rajanna had taught yoga to his wife, apparently. Inspired by her husband, Dr. Parvathamma Rajkumar also practised yoga along with him at their Bengaluru residence, for a few days. Not just his wife for that matter, Dr. Rajkumar was a selfless personality who taught and advised everyone around him to practice yoga.

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