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    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 Day 9 Recap: 8 Contestants Nominated In Open Nominations


    With a new week's beginning, the day started like any other in the Bigg Boss house, where the contestants were seen having healthy conversations and then came the turn of the nominations procedure, which was held in the garden area, out in the open. Here are the highlights of Day 9 in case you missed catching up on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

    The Food Love

    Sonu Patil was seen craving for Jowar Rotti, the native food of her region, where Jayashree advised her that life isn't a bed of roses. She mentioned that one would not get everything needed in life, which didn't go well with the young contestant. Adam too slightly vouched his support to Sonu, which made Jayashree back out.

    Andy, on the other hand, stated that he requires non-veg food for at least 5 days a week and that has become a practice. Naveen flicked an apple from the provided budget, where Rashmi turned blind eyes commenting that the former could do it at his own risk. Murali claimed that he knows who the culprit is and asked the culprit to bring it back.


    The second week too came with the concept of open nominations in the garden area. Every contestant was provided with 2 knives, where he/she was asked to stab it to the heart-shaped polystyrene of any contestant he/she wished to.


    Rashmi nominated Adam and Rakesh, as she felt that Adam gossips a lot and talks behind one's back which is not the quality of a good person, while she claimed that Rakesh disrupts the harmony of the house.

    Adam Pasha

    Adam, as a part of revenge may be, nominated Rashmi, stating that gossiping is part of human nature and there could be no such genuine soul who doesn't get into one. He opined that Rashmi doesn't get along well with certain people, while he stated that Sneha is her partner in crime who instigates Rashmi and lights fire.

    Kavitha Gowda

    Kavitha nominated Rashmi again, as she justified that Rashmi tries to get a good name during every fight, while Sneha (her other nomination) had blown the 'sharing of bed' matter to a great proportion.


    Anand said that Adam's behaviour towards him and the way he tries to control his feelings bugs him big time. Anand also nominated Andy, as he feels that the vibrant contestant is a tough competitor to the former.


    Rakesh nominated Rashmi again, since he stated that the RJ wasn't full of positive energy which is the need of the hour in the Bigg Boss house. He claimed that Rashmi turns the situation to a negative level and that Sneha adds on fuel to the fire.


    Kavitha's reaction towards Anand during last week's tussle clearly had irked Akshatha and that made her nominate the small screen actress. Akshatha nominated Shashi as the second contestant, since she feels Sahshi is filled with ego and is a self-centered person.

    Sonu Patil

    Sonu nominated Shashi, as she felt that she doesn't gel well with her and tries to avoid the young contestant. Her second nomination was Jayashree, where she stated a situation in which the former requested Shivarajkumar to send Rottis instead of non-veg for her, which was controlled and advised by Jayashree.


    It was once again the Anand-Sneha's bed tussle which made Nayana to nominate Sneha. Rakesh was the second nomination, as she felt that Rakesh beats around the bush and doesn't speak to the point. Also, his comments about her performance, where she was required to stay in jail, haven't apparently gone well with her.


    Andy nominated Rashmi, as he stated that she tries to gain mileage from others' tussle, which is never acceptable. Sneha, the second nomination from Andy, was said to be her henchperson, which is again bad for the house.


    Sonu had taken Murali's name out of confusion for a certain issue in front of Sudeep and that apparently hasn't gone well with the cookery show king, and hence he nominated Sonu. Adam was the second nomination where Murali stated that Adam doesn't quite gel well with all the entire lot and it could be his per-conceived notions about gender discrimination.


    Akshatha and Rakesh were his nominations, which was quite expected post last week's huge fight.


    Reema nominated Kavitha, since she stated that she has a reserved nature and she also nominated Rashmi for being sarcastic while speaking to her.


    He shared that one could share a comfort zone only with people where a certain wavelength is matched. Akshatha's comments during her nomination had irked Shashi, which made him nominate the former contestant.


    She nominated Sonu for showcasing innocence but taking hasty decisions. Also, it was her confusion of allocation of work that made Jayashree nominate her. Rashmi's rigidity and approach towards the game has led to a lot of confusions in the house, which made Jayashree to nominate the controversial housemate.


    Naveen nominated Sneha for the food and bed sharing matter, while Rashmi for interfering into matters which are not concerning her.


    She nominated Naveen for taking selective participation based on his will and Adam, for trying to influence a lot of people inside the house.

    Here's What The Final Nomination List Looks Like...

    Rashmi-7, Sneha-6, Adam-4, Rakesh-3, Sonu-3, Kavitha-2, Akshatha-2 & Shashi-2. Captain Ravi was given a special power where he was required to nominate 3 contestants directly.

    Ravi nominated Nayana, Andy & Reema.

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