Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6,Day 16 Recap: Rakesh And Akshatha's Relations Turn Sour

The third Monday of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 saw a new captain inside the house with a video bite of the previous day still carrying over. Rakesh and Akshatha’s friendship and has been under under the scanner from the day 1 inside the house and the former started maintaining quite a distance from the latter as she feared the backlash from the outside world and also from her family members.

bigg boss kannada season 6

Naveen-Sonu Saga

Adam came and spoke to the captain about Naveen and Sonu by claiming that Sonu’s supposed feelings to Naveen was fake and was just a part of her game plan while Naveen is seen to be affected both inside the house and personally. Adam urged Dhanraj to speak to Sonu as a captain but Dhanraj refused to do the same as he said it doesn’t match up to the dignity of the position he holds.


Bigg Boss has grown very creative this season as he is seen coming up with many innovative ideas for nomination every week. The housemates were asked to churn out photos of the contestants whom they wanted to nominate in a paper crusher.

Sonu nominated Adam & Akshatha for not bringing out their 100% commitment to the game despite being packed with good energy and capability.

Andy wanted to send Ravi out for getting physical at most times and also growing aggressive while Murali was the second nominated person for being a lethargic person inside the house.

Jayashree took Sonu’s name two times in two weeks and branded her as a fake and non-adjustable contestant. Rashmi was her second choice for enforcing her thoughts and point of view on other contestants.

Rakesh took Anand for being very irritating and noisy inside the house while Jayashree is seen to be creating her own group and dividing the house which he felt, the same won’t hold good for the house.

Murali wasn’t quite satisfied with the behavior and response of Naveen & Akshatha as he stated that they lacked captaincy qualities and never deserved to be getting into the competition.

Akshatha nominated Anand for being a troublesome contestant inside the house who doesn’t gel well with the co-contestants while Murali was her second nomination for being a dual-faced person during fights.

Rashmi took Adam’s name for still being a mystery and not being the way he projects about himself. Rashmi shared that Jayashree was indeed a remote control who tries to infer her opinion though others and land up in a safe zone.

Adam called Rashmi a venomous person for not mending her ways and Sonu was his second choice for being fake inside the house.

Kavitha blamed Ravi for his captaincy & behavior during his tenure and hence, nominated him while she nominated Naveen for not sticking to his word.

Ravi took Andy’s name for not being a stickler to discipline and punctuality while Kavitha for not abiding by the rules of Bigg Boss and the captain.

Rakesh’s “Goodness Exist” term was contradictory during his last week’s captaincy task and he teaming up with Akshatha during the said task infuriated Shashi who nominated both contestants.

Naveen wasn’t quite happy with Rashmi’s previous week’s attitude and Sneha’s personal attack on Naveen.

Sneha nominated Adam for attacking her boldly and Rakesh for getting influenced way too fast.

Anand took on Kavitha for her personal attack and Jayashree for forming her own group.

Rakesh’s attitude during captaincy task and Sneha for not standing their ground during the respective tasks.

Naveen was saved by captain Dhanraj as per the special powers given by the 'Bigg Boss'.

The rest of the day pondered over the nominations episode where most housemates spoke about the same.


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