Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 Day 24 Recap: Akshatha And Rakesh Have An Argument As The New Week Begins

The new week began with a luxury budget task, Idu Gombe Aatavayya, just after the nomination process. Rapid Rashmi and Akshatha were called by Bigg Boss, selecting them as the captains of either teams for the respective task. Both captains were required to bid for workers (contestants) of the house and had to spend the allocated money for the same purpose. Here is a recap of the latest episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

Luxury Bidding

Akshatha bought Ravi for 5600, while a series of bidding happened for Shashi, as both captains called big bucks for the resource. The contestant was bought by Rapid Rashmi for 15,000/-

Andy, who had vowed to destroy the opponent who turns him down, ignited a serious bidding between both captains. Andy was bought by Rashmi for 17,000/-, while Naveen was taken over by Akshatha for 17,750/-.

Since majority of the funds were utilized for the initial set of resources, the remaining set was not left with a luxury option of earning big bucks, but instead, the contestants were sold for a meagre amount.

Jayashree was sold to Akshatha's Blue team for a small amount of 3000/-, while Dhanraj joined the same team for 5000/-.

Sonu Patil joined Rashmi's Red team for 1550/- and Nayana, who presented herself with her pros and cons, fetched 4100/- to herself.

Akshatha was in no mood to let go of her dear friend, Rakesh and hence, called a fancy price during the fag end of the task, buying him for 5100/-.

Anand wanted to get himself sold to one team for a whopping amount and to his dismay, he earned just 5150/- and was taken into the Red team of Rapid Rashmi.

Adam was sold for 5350/- to the Red team.

The First Requirement

Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to send one member from each team to the store room to fetch the raw materials and wanted them to stitch 20 dolls as a part of the first requirement. Post completion of the first round, Akshatha was happy to share the bonus of a mingy 100/-, which was ridiculed by the Red team.

Shashi tried to convince Rakesh to snap him to the Red team, while it ended up as a failure.

The Second Requirement

There were 35 dolls to be stitched, while the raw materials had to be fetched by 1 contestant each in a span of just 30 seconds. Rakesh and Shashi tried to strike a business deal, where the former wanted the latter to handover one box of eye raw material for 5000/- off records, but Shashi demanded 10,000/-. Akshatha, the captain of the Blue team, wasn't in favour of this decision and this sparked a bit of tussle between Akshatha and Rakesh.

Post completion of the task, Red team's captain granted a bonus of 1000/- to her teammates, which was celebrated by the Red team members. Akshatha approved 2 dolls of the red team, while Rashmi rejected all 4 of the blue outfits.

Akshatha's stern words to Rakesh apparently didn't go well with the contestant and he displayed his outburst personally with the Blue team captain.

Trade For Money

Contestants had flicked the raw materials skillfully during the time of the task and they were asked to sell the same to Bigg Boss inside the confession room.

Andy earned 200/-, Anand earned 550/-, Shashi earned the same in line of Anand, while Kavitha earned a massive 1350/-.

At the end of first phase of the task, the Red team had 41,200/- and the Blue team had 58,850/-.


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