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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 Latest Update: Andy Calls Rakesh And Akshatha 'Husband And Wife'


Shashi, who was down and dejected over the weekend due to many bitter proceedings was cheered up by Andy with some motivational lines and that was positively taken by the former. But the dose of motivation was extended to the subsequent day which was not well received by Shashi. Here is a look at what all transpired during the latest episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6.

Bigg Boss made the contestants of the house to embrace a new task in the beginning of the week. The favorite contestant would be garlanded while two contestants who were not in great terms should be smeared with ink.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season6

Anand- The garland was put around Dhanraj for being supportive all the time while the ink was applied to Rakesh for calling Anand to be part of a certain group. Naveen too got smeared in ink for pretty much the same reason.

Shashi called Dhanraj a selfless player who gives space to every contestant and hence, garlanded him while he smeared ink to Andy for not knowing his boundary and Anand for mistakes

Dhanraj reciprocated Shashi's respect to him as the popular contestant of the task wanted to cheer up the farmer who was down after damaging his hand. Andy got ink on his face for creating an uncomfortable situation inside the house and Rakesh for not having a sturdy bonding between the duo.

Jayashree garlanded Rashmi for saving her from nomination and for having changed herself to a huge level. Ink was applied to Rakesh for not allocating his time to the senior actress and then, Andy for all the bitter experiences over the last week.

Rakesh- Kavitha for being a sport and taking the entire controversial saga in a positive manner and hence, earned his garland. Sonu was at the receiving end for getting the ink smeared for losing the focus and intention inside the house and the same was applied to Anand.

Kavitha- Rakesh had created a comfort level to Kavitha and had provide his shoulder during her lonely time. Ink was dedicated to Nayana for calling Kavitha lazy and Andy for breaching the gentleman's agreement for bringing out the private conversation in front of everyone.

Sonu- Murali won the garland for understanding every contestant and situation while the ink touched the faces of Rakesh who takes hasty decisions and Andy for poking his nose in issues which were not his concern.

Naveen- Murali's perfection as a judge in the previous task won him the garland while Andy got ink for repeating his mistakes time and again. Anand got the same for not attempting to understand the singer.

Rashmi- Garlanded Murali by called her his 'father figure' and accepting her suggestions. Kavitha and Andy earned ink for misusing the nominations and playing the game in not a conventional way.

Andy- Murali yet again for his extremely genuine personality. Ink was applied to Shashi for not showing his actions of care all the time and the second contestant was Jayashree for influencing many contestants inside home and not being genuine.

Nayana- Andy won the garland for maintaining the secrecy inside the confession room which was a gentleman behavior. Ink was to Kavitha for striking a deal for just a nomination process and Jayashree for vouching her support and playing a game in this regard.

Murali too took part in the task.

Bigg Boss gave a twist inside the house and announced that the garland and ink task wasn't just a task but as well a nomination process.

Andy, Rakesh, Anand, Kavitha and Jayashree were the nominated contestants. Akshatha was required to nominate 2 more contestants as the captain and she nominated Naveen as he had never faced the nomination process while Sonu was her second choice for not taking any suggestions or advice sportively.

Andy used his Suraksha Kavacha and thus, got saved from the nomination process.

Andy called Rakesh and Akshatha husband and wife in the fit of excitement during a heated conversation. This upset Rakesh big time and a big argument broke out.

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