Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 Update: Akshatha And Rakesh's Bond Grows Stronger Because Of This Prank

They are seen as the inseparable pair in the Bigg Boss house and in fact, both had even expressed their mutual feelings in front of everyone and Sudeep during a certain Saturday show. They indulge in cat fights often and yet, get back as besties and at times, more than besties. Yes, we are talking about the rumored partners of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6. Rakesh and Akshatha. Akshatha had once admitted that she loves Rakesh and the mutual feeling was evident in yesterday's episode.

All was not well between the duo and the friction was carried on in yesterday's episode where both contestants were seen quarrelling and fighting for trivial things. This continued during the luxury budget task as well when Akshatha failed to handle the situation in the eyes of Rakesh and the same, intensified the spark between the duo. Akshatha wept inconsolably and Rakesh was trying to console her.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6

Just after the adhesive contestants were seen patching up things, Bigg Boss dropped on bomb on them.

It is well known that Rakesh and Akshatha garner major limelight and camera angles for their supposed proximity, Bigg Boss decided to play a prank and spice up the proceedings. Dhanraj was summoned inside the confession room and assigned the task of eliminating Akshatha from the house by seeking support from all housemates except Rakesh.
Dhanraj conveyed the message to all housemates except Rakesh in a diplomatic and effortless manner where all housemates attained clarity.

The tension grew higher and bigger between the duo and Akshatha was seen very much worried with tears rolling down her cheek. Rakesh's tension quotient was higher than that of Akshatha and he took all efforts to convince the entire set of housemates to save his dear friend. Rakesh suggested Sonu's name for the elimination by branding her the weakest in the house and requested the house to safe guard strong contenders like Akshatha.

Soon after the elimination process started, the faces of both Akshatha and Rakesh were animated and kept changing after every single vote against her. Both contestants shed tears, hugged each other and showed their immense affection towards each other when the house decided to evict Akshatha.
The final walk to the door was very emotional from the duo and all efforts from Rakesh went in vain. The moment Bigg Boss announced that the said task was just a prank and not the actual elimination, both Rakesh and Akshatha breathed a sigh of relief and hugged each other for a long time and celebrated the fact of staying together for some more time.

Will the tension and suffering get recreated on Saturday during the main eviction process as well?Most

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