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      Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 38 Synopsis – Shine Shetty Loses His Cool


      Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 witnessed some major infighting on Day 38. The second day of the weekly luxury budget task bought with it a lot of commotion and tussles between housemates. The episode begins with a livid Vasuki Vaibhav threatening to quit the task as he was hit by Chandan Achar. In fact, he even escalated the matter to Bigg Boss and also removed his mic to express his anger.

      The next morning, things seem to be a little peaceful, at first. Day two of the 'Kalla Police’ task commences and everyone's back in character. Kuri Prathap and Bhumi perform and entertain to earn some money while Deepika Das is called by Bigg Boss to the confession room. Deepika is assigned a special task where she is given a replica of an ornament that would be displayed in the evening. She is instructed by Bigg Boss to replace the original one with the replica.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Quite a few housemates are seen upset with Chandan’s behaviour during the task. Deepika complains about Chandan to Shine, who is leading the Police team. The Police team is seen frisking almost everyone whilst being extra cautious of theft. Very soon, Shine himself loses his cool at Chandan for not behaving properly with him as he is playing his senior in the team/task.

      Later, the Bigg Boss jewellery exhibition commences with a dance performance by Deepika and Kishen Bilageli. The Police team is on high alert while everyone else is preparing to steal the ornaments. Very soon, fights erupt across the board as the task enters the most crucial phase. Harish Raj and Vasuki question the police as it’s been more than 24 hours for their yesterday’s arrest and there has been no justice yet.

      Deepika is caught red-handed by Shine and the team while she was trying to do her secret task. They instead think that she was trying to steal the ornaments and put her in jail. This is followed by Harish and Vasuki being arrested again for agitating against the police. Chandana Ananthakrishna too is arrested for stealing the scissors meant for the inauguration purpose. Kuri Prathap too joins the long list of jailbirds on account of theft.

      Soon after, Bhumi Shetty is seen giving the cops a hard time as she enters the police station and refuses to vacate the premises. The khaki team tries hard but to no avail. Bhumi gets into an altercation with Chandan as he tries to lift her by her legs. An agitated Bhoomi is seen yelling at him and exits the station to enter the house. Priyanka stops her to frisk before she can enter. Bhoomi lashes out at her former friend and soon the entire troop of cops try to pull her out and insists that she obey them.

      She continues to be defiant while the arrested contestants try to convince Bhoomi to give up. The entire house is in complete chaos. Captain Shine, has a complete meltdown at everyone and starts yelling at the housemates for having turned the task into an actual war zone. He loses his cool and questions Bhoomi’s antics and asks everyone else if it is fair to pin the blame on the cops for not maintaining peace while preventing theft and burglary. Seeing Shine’s anger, the entire house turns silent. It will be interesting to see what follows in the next episode.

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