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    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 39 Update - Luxury Budget Task Day 3


    The episode begins with Vasuki Vaibhav trying to pacify an agitated Bhoomi Shetty. Bhoomi is upset with the police team as they keep implementing new rules. The house is pretty shaken up by Shine Shetty’s meltdown. Raju Talikote breaks down and starts sobbing. Bhoomi quickly rushes to him and profusely apologises for her behaviour.

    Deepika Das is released from jail on bail. She convinces the police that one of the ornaments is hers. Harish Raj and Vasuki are also released and are seen negotiating bail money with the cops. The housemates are seen having a good time as Harish pays Vasuki’s bail money.

    Bigg Boss Kannada 7

    Day 39 in the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 house as always begins with some uplifting music. Kuri Prathap is quickly back to his fun antics, teasing the cops in the house of attempting theft. He is seen 'exercising’ around the jewellery exhibition area. Priyanka is seen playing along, yanking him and asking him to move away from the coveted area. This is followed by Kishen Bilagali being nominated as a cop by Bigg Boss as the newest member of the police team.

    Vasuki, Kuri and Chandana Ananthakrishna attempt stealing some jewels. Chandan Achar is quick to stop them, which leads to some physical tussle. Chandan’s behaviour is being disliked by many contestants. Chandana loses her cool on Chandan for speaking disrespectfully with Vasuki. Soon a meeting is organised between the police team and other housemates. Deepika Das and Vasuki make their case against Achar. Inspector Shine asks Chandan for an explanation and soon comes to a verdict. He sentences his own teammate to jail for three hours.

    Kishen accuses Chandana of stealing kitchen items in the task and reprimands her with a search warrant. Chandana vehemently denies the allegation and says she has no idea how the item surfaced in her bag. In the night, Vasuki is worried that the money collected by the police team will be unfairly used by them to win the task whilst gaining personal luxury budget points.

    Tomorrow will be the last day of the 'Kalla Police’ task. It will surely be interesting to see if Vasuki’s worries come true.

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