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    Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 53 Written Update – Chandana Breaks Down After Task


    Day 53 in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 begins with music and a message from Bigg Boss radio. Kishen Bilagali is seen teasing Deepika Das about her sleeping face. Chaitra Kottoor had left food on the counter that Chandan Achar ends up discarding it in the bin. Kishen does not like it and tells Chandan that he shouldn’t have done it.

    The fourth phase of the luxury budget task begins with the advantage task of the week. Each team has to fit into a circle and complete eight rounds of the same under the supervision of Caption Raju Talikote. Priyanka’s 'Mithai’ team wins the task with a clear margin. Kuri Prathap is seen faking is death as he ended up carrying Chaitra on his shoulders during the task. Priyanka and Bhoomi Shetty have a hearty laugh at Kuri’s hilarious shenanigans.

    Bigg Boss Kannada 7

    Bigg Boss announces the 'Howdu Swamy’ task of the day to Priyanka. She is supposed to sing while all the housemates are supposed to dance to her tunes. All the guys in the house dress up in drag and perform to Priyanka’s singing. The house is entertained with their hilarious performances.

    Towards the evening, the fourth phase of the luxury budget task begins. The Kabbadi based task is named 'Banna Gelluvina Banna’. Each team will send in one player who needs to apply colour on the opponent team member to win the task. Chandana’s team Bhajarangi takes a lead in almost all the rounds of the game. Vasuki Vaibhav accuses Shine of cheating in the task. Shine doesn’t take the accusation well and is seen yelling at Vasuki. Eventually, the 'Bhajarangi’ team wins the task by two points.

    Soon, Bigg Boss announces that the house would be losing 1200 points as the housemates had broken house rules. As punishment, all housemates except Raju will sleep outside in the activity area for the night. He also announces that the weekly luxury budget 'Ashwamedha’ task ends with a draw. Hence, barring caption Raju, all the contestants are nominated for this week’s elimination. However, Bigg Boss states that the other two tasks namely 'Howdu Swamy’ and BB no tolerance week will continue as usual.

    Deepika and Shine are seen discussing the task and are happy with their team’s performance. On the other hand, Chandana seems upset and upon Vasuki’s insistence opens up about her reasons. She confides that her team, especially Shine and Deepika did not take her seriously as the caption of her team. She accused Deepika for always underestimating her potential during tasks. A heartbroken Chandana starts sobbing while Vasuki is seen consoling her.

    Chaitra is upset with Shine regarding an incident that took place during the day. She believes that he isolates her and did not allow her to dance whilst inviting Vasuki for the same. Shine explains his side of the story and advises her to not take things so personally. Around bedtime, Harish Raj and Kuri are seen looking at Chaitra’s weird behavior and laughing uncontrollably.

    It will be interesting to see what ensues in the house tomorrow as the luxury budget task has come to an end. With all contestants barring Raju being nominated for this week’s eviction, the fight for survival is surely going to intensify in the glasshouse.

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