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      Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 66 Written Update - Chandan Achar Snaps At Kishen Bilagali


      Day 66 in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 begins with music and a message from Bigg Boss Radio. Soon the fourth phase of the weekly luxury budget task, Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma begins. One contestant of each Jodi needs to stand on a platform near the swimming pool holding one end of a rope bending backward. The other end would be in their partner's hand who then need to balance their partner's body weight whilst preventing them from falling in the pool.

      Chandan Achar and Deepika Das are out of the task first as the latter loses her balance. This is followed by Shine Shetty and Chaitra Kottoor on account of three fouls. The task is won by Priyanka and Kishen Bilagali. Soon Bigg Boss announces punishment for Deepika and Chanchan for having lost the task. The losing duo is given an interesting punishment where they are supposed to dance for the next 24 hours on a platform on the pool. They are allowed to take 15 minute breaks only. Shine and Chaitra are pretending to be a married couple and are seen indulging in some fun banter with the housemates. Soon Deepika and Chandan begin their dancing task.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Bigg Boss announces the next task of the day. Each couple needs to try and procure a 7 up key hung on a 15 feet high board. Each duo is provided with three long sticks to get the right key. The winner of the task would get 7 up, chocolates and 15 points in the game. Chaitra-Shine duo manages to get three keys first but unfortunately are the wrong ones. Chandana and Kuri Prathap manage to open the VC cooler by having snagged the right key, thus winning the task.

      Chandan seems to be in a snappier mood than usual. He again accuses caption Vasuki Vaibhav of targeting his every move in the task and not wanting him to win. But then all hell breaks loose when Chandan accuses Kishen of constantly nagging and patronizing him. He advises him to not poke his nose in everyone’s matter. Kishen hits back at Chandan while Deepika is trying to calm the waters. Deepika manages to take Chandan away from the scene and is seen trying to pacify her partner. She advises him to maintain his cool until the end of the task.

      The sixth phase of the luxury budget task begins in the evening. Kishen and Priyanka manage to win the following task as well. The caption and the housemates are seen discussing a solution for Chandan and Deepika’s overnight punishment. Soon it is decided that everyone would chip in for a while and dance on their behalf.

      On the other hand, Chaitra and Shine are seen discussing their bad luck in this week's luxury budget task. Chaitra is upset to see their name at the bottom. Shine is seen telling her that they could do better tomorrow and win the task.

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