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      Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Super Sunday With Sudeepa – Raksha Somashekhar Gets Eliminated


      This week’s Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Super Sunday With Sudeepa was packed with high voltage drama and entertainment. Three contestants were declared to be in the bottom three - namely Chaitra Kottoor, Harish Raj and Raksha Somashekhar. Sudeep asks the three of them what might be the reason for this. He is also seen questioning the housemates about breaking Bigg Boss rules as a few of them were seen talking in sign language during the week. He warns everyone to stay away from such behaviour as it could lead to the house being punished severely.

      Sudeep plays the yes or no placard game with the contestants where most of them accuse Chaitra of creating unnecessary drama and instigating the housemates. On being labelled the troublemaker of the house, Chaitra defends herself and says that it was not her intention. All the contestants in danger of eviction are then asked by the host to state reasons for their continuation in the game. He soon announces that Harish is safe from eviction for the week. Thus, bringing Raksha and Chaitra in the bottom two.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Sudeep soon announces that Raksha is being eliminated this week. The actress had a short stint of 13 days in the glasshouse. She had only recently entered the house as a wild card contestant. All housemates soon bid her goodbye and are seen taking a selfie with the eliminated member. Bigg Boss asks Raksha to nominate one contestant for next week's elimination. She takes Chandan Achar's name. Kishen Bilagali is seen being upset with Raksha's premature ouster. Deepika Das and Priyanka are seen consoling him.

      Sudeep welcomes Raksha on the Bigg Boss stage. Her parents are present in the audience as well. He then asks her who is her favourite housemate and also her least favourite member in the house. She names Vasuki Vaibhav and Kishen as her favourites and Chaitra as her least favourite member. On being quizzed by the host, Raksha states that, in her opinion, Shine Shetty, Vasuki and Kishen would make it to the top three with Shine winning the show. Raksha also confesses that she will miss the morning song, cooking in the kitchen and the routine of the house.

      Sudeep then plays a video of Raksha's small yet memorable journey in the house. He then wishes her all the best for the future and states that she has definitely made her parents and her fans very proud. Now, with the show entering its ninth week, it will be interesting to see who would get nominated in today's crucial episode.

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